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CAV Centurion...


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Woooo Templars!


Nicely done. My only recommendation would be some additional shading/highlighting on the cockpit glass. You have nice lighitng effects on all of the other surfaces, but that one seems to be lacking.


Of course, it may just be an effect of the picture, too.

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I like this "paint scheme"...what colors were used?


For the grey -


Reaper Armor Grey

Reaper Ash Grey

GW Codex Grey

GW Black Ink for a final glaze to tie in the layers and darken it up a bit


Blues -

GW Regal Blue

GW Enchanted Blue

GW Ice Blue

GW Blue ink for a glaze


Yeah, I agree with the cockpit...having that much red in the middle of the mini is kind of distracting. I think with a smaller cockpit the solid red would work much better.

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You could jewel the cockpit and then it would really pop.


Hrm... how many light refractions should it have? Me... I just do a stylized blue thang... but either way... it looks kewl. Who says that glass can't look opaque and colored in the future? Hrm....

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