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+1 MAV for all!


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Qwyksilver Posted Today, 11:05 AM

Will you be making a Throne of Skulls for your roomie too? If so, can't wait to see that one!


I've been putting some thought into it. Unfortunately, anything I think of comes terribly close to what you plan on doing for yours, So I'm going to have to think on it for a bit.


So what if they're similar!?! Not like I have a copyright on a design. Besides, even if it's a similar concept, execution could make it entirely different. Not to mention your Totem will certainly be painted better! I also doubt we're the only two guys who have though of using Kaladrax' skull as a focal point for the throne.


Very true, Michael. I just want to put some thought into it, is all. Hell, look at how long it took me to come up with one for my Crusaders! :lol:

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That's just loverly Kelcore. ::):


Pardon me for my ignorance, just getting into Warlord...what does the totem do for you?




At the low-low price of 10% of the Game Point Value (example: in a 2000 point game, a Totem of Battle would cost 200 points) you can purchase a Totem and it grants a bonus of +1 Melee Attack Value to your models.


Beats the hell outta buying Lesser Magic Weapon for all your minis!

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Thanks again, all!


battleMountainminis Posted Today, 04:53 AM

Killer job Kelcore...


What'd you use for the plant life? looks real


Thanks Betsy


Heya Betsy, the shrubbery is merely some Clump-Foliage I got last Reapercon. Figured it was high-time I used some of it!

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