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What are the basic colors for an orc?


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Ok, I got the Warlord Orc Warboss and tried out this Orc-Flesh Technique:


1) Troll Flesh

2) Chesnut/Future Finish Wash

3) Troll Flesh

4) Sage


I think it turned out ok.  I'll have another orc painted up for posting a little bit later this weekend.  Thanks again to all for opinions and advice!!!





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Many thanks,


The skin was done with lotsa lotsa tiny light strokes.


The Metal was done with a reasonable amount of blending, but was done using Reaper's metallics and some "directional" highlighting.




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My Orcs tend to be a fairly dark green.  I give their skin a base coat of Elvish Green and Walnut.  It turns out to be a really dark green.  It works for my Orcs, but I don't think there's one specific color scheme for Orcs, it's all preference.
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