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looking for a bubble like the ones you get out the .25 machines

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I would suggest looking at the dollhouse miniatures in your local hobby store. They have domes over some stuff and could be useful.


Otherwise can you change your idea to incorporate the dimple?


I just happen to have one of these little plastic things right here (don't ask) and this one has a bubble on the inside of the dome with a number. I'm guessing a little delicate work could take both of those off. The outside is completely smooth.

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They have these here: Glass Domes, though if you need it shorter, cutting the curved glass can be a bit tricky (might want to order two ::D: ).


If there is a Pepsi or Coke bottler near you, you might be able to get something there too for free. The bottles all start from the same/similiar blanks (little plastic test tube looking thing) and then get expanded larger for filling up like a balloon.


And of course you can use test tubes. Cheap, pretty easy to secure and they come in lots of shapes, sizes and materials.

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well the project is for a dome over a mini, as in a spell being casted on someone, thus I want it to be as clear as possible (ie with out the dibble thing or # or even circle on the top, the quater or two machines one is perfect other than that darn srub on top!!!


but thanks for hte ideas thou.


Randy M

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I knew that. I was just being stupid. :huh::blink:



I like the stupids. ::P: Not only are they funny, but can be useful as well. I just looked at the dome my son got at CI-CI's last night and it is remarkably clear and devoid of knobbies and nmbers on the top. (there is a number on the very bottom lip). The little plastic animal is cool too. I think its about in scale with my minis. Too bad the big elephants and horses are the same size as the cool dog my boy got.


Anyway, keep looking in those machines. Not all of them have the horrid knobby-like thingy-ma-bobber doo-dad on top of it ::D:

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