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Crusaders stink. Reven are way better.**


Really a lot of why you pick an army will come down to the style of play you have in mind, what you like to tactics, and of course, how you like the models. Every Faction has their strengths and weaknesses. If you give us an idea of what style of play you tend towards, it would help for suggestions. Otherwise, it's just going to be a lot of us recommending our personal favorite armies.













** (For no particular reason other than to tweak the noses of Kelcore and Sldrdude) :poke:

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I'm only giving 2 of my favorite Crusader players a hard time. ::D:


Crusaders are a great army to play. One of the difficulties you will encounter is that their models are pretty pricey, so you're likely to be short men when you go on the table. Fortunately, most of them have phenomenal DV, so it's hard to take em down, but they can be succeptible to mob tactics. You've got a some of the best Clerics in the game, and a number of leaders with minor clerical ability as well. With their faction book coming out hopefully by the holidays, it would definitely be a good one to get into so you don't have to wait for new models. Oh, and Crusaders have Cavalry. And it looks like they will have a lot of them. War Dogs also look to be a very interesting model to field, and will be an aid to defend against mob tactics. Crusaders also have one of the better Faction Special Abilities Mercy. Rather than kill a model, you convert him to your cause. That's where the Clerics with bandage come in.


Necropolis and Reven also have their new models and Faction books out, so these would also be good choices for starting factions if you don't like to wait.


There's a pretty hefty amount of discussion in the "It's not easy being Green" pinned topic for Reven. If you have any specific questions about the faction, feel free to PM me. I'll be more than happy to talk about them.


Faction choice will ultimately come down to which faction best suits your style of play and/or how much you like the models. A lot of us have more than one faction they like or are working on because of these factors. Another option, is to pick and choose the best of all worlds, and build Freelance armies. You lose Faction Special Abilities, but you gain the flexibility of being able to use any model available so long as Good and Evil alignments are not fielded at the same time.

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i prefer to hit hard and fast and kick em when their down


Reptus are particularly good at this. Good speed, good armor, pretty serious butt kicking models. They are also gorgeous sculpts.


Nefsokar are also an army that tends to do well with quick striking. With Sokar is Near, you also nerf opposing Spell casters, dropping their CP by 2. So very much allowing you to kick them when their down :devil:


i realy don't want to take only a half army saint :lol:


Oh that is beautiful!!!

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If you're going to be playing Crusaders vs Reven, be prepared to have to defend against a TON of tough models. Almost every model in the Reven army has at least Tough/1. Goblins are the big exception. I think one of the Lesser Orc models as well. They are not easy to kill. They are also going to outnumber you quite easily because of point costs. If you don't see Yagun Oog (the Reven monster Mage) on the field, formations will be helpful so you can't get completely swarmed. Make liberal use of Hold and Part. They are great ways to delay and get yourself in better position, delay some attacks, prevent models from hitting you, etc. Mercy models whenever you get a chance to help balance out those numbers. Don't try to Mercy a Berserker, just kill them, they only have DV 8, but a Dis 8. Having a Standard and Musician with them makes them fearsome because they already have phenomenal movement and Bloodlust/4 for a 12 inch charge.


Other than Yagun Oog, Reven are not super strong in the Magic, so you don't need to be extremely fearful of staying in tighter groups. Their alternate Warlord, Kiakara is a good cleric, and there is a Solo model Greka that is also dangerous, but those are both expensive models, especially Greka because of her 24" Scrye Shot. Lunk and Ombur are fair, Gonda is almost a joke. If Yagun Oog is on the field, be wary. He's a Mage 3/10 with CP 7. He may not go toe to toe with your casters, but he's great for clearing out grunts, which you don't have a lot of.


Local friend of mine is a Crusader player and we've been plotting to stomp the heck out of each for awhile. His use of Holds in recent Equipment Ho battles proved to be VERY effective in slowing me down. If this had been a regular battle, he would have had more troops to move in and easily slaughter a number of my models.

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