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Parents often tell their children fairy tales to lull them into sleep, or more often, to get them to behave. Bogeymen legends abound in every civilized land, but just outside Craclaw, the bogeyman is all too real. The Wintershreken, a mad goblin of unknown origin, terrorizes the children of families in small villages outside the reach of justice. The insane little green beastie rides in his gigantic sleigh through the snowy forests, prowling for stray and naughty children to take back to his cave. The three monstrous Charcoal Hounds pull the sleigh and are able to smell the very ill personalities of snotty children. The cruelest of Meplets come from the Wintershreken's pit, liberated by Lord Hop for his own twisted purposes.




Wintershreken is a solitaire for The Moonscar Court, a homebrew Warlord army you're probably sick of hearing me talk about.


Here are construction details:

  • The base is a CD-ROM.
  • The sleigh is from the 2004 Xmas Sophie.
  • The wolves are from the DHL line.
  • Wintershreken himself is Terezinya's familiar.
  • The crossbow is from a weapons pack.
  • The heads and body parts are just bits left over from writing an article.
  • The tethers are twisted-up wire.

I could swear I've posted this before, but I couldn't find any posts here or pics on my computer, so I took a couple more and here you go.

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Hand drill works...but it is easy to go a bit too far, and takes up a fair ammount of room, and costs a bit...


For me, I use what is known as a safety wire pliers to do my wire twisting 99 times out of 100 (when I am doing large tree armatures I use a hammer drill and my bench vise). Anywho, you take your wire and double it up. Secure one end either to a solid object (vice, small stud, nail...or I normally just hold it with a pair of pliers) and clamp the pliers down on the other end. Grab hold of the knob at the end of the safety wire pliers and pull. As you pull it twists the wire a given number of times (I think my small one is 12 turns). Push the knob back in and it doesn't turn, but allows you to add more twists if needed.


You can get them for $75+ if you really wanted to but that is a good bit silly. Airparts Inc sells very good quality ones for $20 or so - but for only the occaisional use Harbor Freight sells one for $10. Other than stuff like this, they come in handy with making armatures for trees, barbed wire fencing - lots of stuff.




Also, you can use safety wire in place of the beading wire. Comes in lots of small diameter sizes for around $5 for a 5 lb roll (length depends on gauge of wire - might be as little as 250 feet or as much as 2000 feet on a roll).

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[*]The heads and body parts are just bits left over from writing an article.

I wish I had pieces of pewter show up when I write an article.


I like the color of his skin. I keep wanting to get Terezina and this guy, but always forget when I'm at the flgs. I also keep telling myself that I'll try out the Moonscar Court. :wacko:

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