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2 Hasslefree Minis Imogen and poledancer


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Very cool. The pole dancer is sexy! Err, I mean it's only about as sexy as a small figurine can be...I mean, well you know. I mean I'm not really *that* pervy. Ok, well, maybe I am.


Would you mind sharing how you did the hair?


I think it would be funny to paint her hair in white and black stripes, or white on the top with a dyed black undercoat, like so many strippers do nowadays. Ummmm, not that I would *know* what strippers do with their hair. Nope! Not me! I saw it on HBO. Yeah, that's it!


The flame on Imogen's blade is amazing, simply astounding. So realistic, it looks in the pic like it is stuck in the air in mid strike with the flames roiling around the blade. So cool.

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Thanks guys


The poledancers hair is a base of Msp Palomino Gold and to highlight I used Lemon yellow Msp color I use mixed a little in at a time and for the tip highlights I used pure lemon yellow.


On the sword on the demoness I used Tube color Deep brilliant red nr 311 very good red and then mixed tube color brilliant yellow to get a good orange nr830. Black for the end smoke of the flames then Lemon yellow msp color for the sword and a titanium white highlight along the blade then for finish I used clear yellow msp color on the yellow part of the flame to brighten it up some more and it worked well.


Next mini post in probably a whole month will be whole bunch of Warhammer wood elves I am working on going to do the new Orion king of wood elves pretty darn cool sculpt




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