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Favorite Troops


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Not army lists or factions, I'm talking individual troops.


One I use all the time:


Corvus, 3 Overlord Warriors


I call it the Secret Weapon, because it's usually overlooked in favor of attacking more important troops (it's always the smallest I field). It's usually been very effective for the 109 points.


New favorite I have to field more:


Tariq (2 bandages), Gauntfield, 3 Overlord Warriors, 2 Overlord Spearmen.


It's been very effective both times I used it. Everyone wants to kill Gauntfield and the MAV 8 as soon as possible, and that lets Tariq use his Rogue ability pretty freely. I'm considering using both Tariq and Lola in the same troop.


And the large game standby:


Ashkrypt, Balthon, and as many Overlord Crossbowmen as I can afford.


So what's on your "always bring" list?



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I keep noodling around trying to find the perfect mix for each faction, and I have a few thoughts, yet nothing is really failsafe.


I'm liking my Tomukh Reven, and my favourite mix seems to revolve around a cornerstone of a solid company of Hunters with a beefed-up captain like Dantral or Narg. I'm learning to love Berserkers in larger battles,and I like adding in at least one solo model in larger games to get the extra card.


I'm having a hard time chosing which Warlord is best. I love 'em both for different reasons, so my choice is more a matter of whim.

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Right now... I have painted so few minis (of my own) that I field what I've got painted... :upside:


That would be:

Skellies for Necropolis

Templar Warriors & Ironspines, Valandil, a Familiar, 90% done on the Duke


I'll get there, really I will :blink: (It's just that 1/2 of the year work gets in the way thing...)


Okee, to really answer the question... I'll be focusing on grunts grunts grunts vs. any particular game-winning units... So... Odds are it'd be lots of lil' units running around and either supporting each other or sacrificing themselves to the greater glory....


Oh, and I'm going to have a hoot of a time with all things goblin as well.

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And ooooh ain't that the truth... one of the reasons I'm having such a hard time fixing on the "perfect" dwarfslaying list. I keep hoping and praying that Super-Baneproof-Armor will be made available in some forthcoming faction book.


It's dang hard to get my lesser orcs (which I use against dwarves because I play the mob-game) to pass a DIS check just so they can step up on Fishripper and become Purina Bear Chow.

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You're having a hard time making discipline checks for base to base, even with the Default Reven Faction Ability Mob Mentality? If you bring in 6 models, you don't even need to roll a Discipline check, Base Discipline for the lesser orcs is 4, +5 Mob Mentality support to discipline = 9. Even on a roll of 1 you succeed.


Just bringing in 4 guys total will give you discipline checks of 7, so you only fail on a 1 or 2.

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Crypt Legion (Usually I take at least 2 of this troop):


+ Lesser Empowerment + 2x Bindsouls + 4x Ice Shards (Spells are sacrificed to heal Zombies using Necromantic Surge)

9x Zombies


Bull Orcs (Generally this forms the main body of my army)


Ombur + Divine Favor +2x Bandage + 2xBless + Warcry

5x Bull Orc Fighters

4x Bull Orc Hunters

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