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Found out over the weekend that my wife is pregnant with baby #4!!! :wow::bday:


Hoping this time it's a girl, although if the previous three are evidence I wouldn't be surprised if it was another boy (my poor suffering wife). Due date is July 8, about three weeks before my birthday.


My wife has already threatened that if I introduce this one to computers, Star Wars, or miniatures before the age of three she will at a minimum severely hurt me.

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Congrats to you and the wife.

Wow! 5 kiddlets! And 4 are boys! I'm impressed.

Three boys, and this one makes child 4....unless you count my behavior, then it'd be 5 :grin: I may grow old, but I refuse to grow up :devil:


Hmmm, let's see, by the time this one is old enough, I could run family CAV tournaments with weekly standings...........

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I know I may be the father-figure and all that nonsense, but I'm still the biggest kid in the house.


Congrats Sarge!!


Ditto! :bday:


Sarge has his own fire team. :lol:

Thanks all!


Watching them with their toy guns, I'm not so sure I want to put M16s in their hand just yet ::): Of course, look at it another way, I've got a CAV armor platoon's worth of pilots running around the house :grin:

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