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Angel of Darkness by Sirikus, Fall Mini Exchange.


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::o::blink: wow... I didn't recognize it at first, the picture of the wings makes them look far nicer than I remember ::D: I'm glad you liked it Valloa, and I appreciate all the kind comments and constructive criticism everyone has given ::): I didn't get the chance to do quite everything I was hoping to do with it, but I am pleased with how it wound up overall (especially in those pictures, i think they look a lot better than the ones I took)


I think a lot of what helps make the mini work is that I swapped the rather small butterfly shaped wings with a much larger and more dynamic set of wings from one of sandra garrity's angels (I think it was from the guardians of the heavens boxed set) it makes the whole figure a little more dramatic


and here are a couple of close up pictures for those that were wanting them



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