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Death Jester

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I like - his head does look much better now that everything is all together - okay...


Likes: Scars on his back - well done, bullet wound, face, and skin...

Might work on: Not a fan of the base myself, bit more highlighting on the pants, and from the backshot - maybe a bit more definition between the pants and belt.


Overall good sculpting and paint job!

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originally i wasnt going to have so much blood on the base but my finger spasmed as i was painting it.


Lol, the no. 1 in the list of "One Hundred Things You Don't Want To Happen With An Almost Finished Miniature"! My sympathies - I perfectly know what you mean!


As for basing Ivan (not too bad a name IMHO), what about a base with some kind of pile of rocks in one corner and Ivan standing on that pile? Should look quite good if you cover the rocks with snow and have some grass poking through it on the lower part of the base...

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