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Kyra and Lavarath!!!


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woo hoo - finally (glad you didn't tease)


OH Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Bryan!!! and Sandra (the wing thing is too cool), and Werner! :wub:


can't wait to see the one Anne paints!


and will it be out before Christmas? details on release date please!!!



debby ::D:

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Well worth the wait. And I also like the wing swap thing, so I went fishing to take a look at another picture of Ebonwrath, only to discover the miniatures page doesn't have any pictures of the box sets, so I had to trot over to the Reap... err, Asylum store, and fished out the picture, my jaw immediately dropping as I realized how huge those wings are.


Anyway, I look forward to having all the metal bits and pieces for this model in my hand for Christmas. I won't be disappointed right? :unsure:


One slight concern, are we going to need to replace the banner with a brass rod?I'm a bit afraid of the bending potential, and difficulty to straighten in the first place once it comes out of the blister...

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The texturing and wing sockets are designed to accomodate the wings from Ebonwrath also. So for those who prefer outstretched wings, you can get Ebonwrath's wings from the boneyard and then put them on #3000.


So like, can we have a shot of this marvel with the Ebonwrath wings??? HMMMMM?????? And what are the chances of a few being packaged with a "Golden Ticket"? I've always wanted to visit Ed's Pewter Factory....


Morg; always wanting more. :ph34r:


I have to go find my eyeballs now. They fell out when I saw the pic of this beaut.

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Well, this is a great sculpt, although I still think that the wings are definitely the weak point. They look flat and not very detailed. Ebonwrath's wings might be a solution, but people overseas can't get them at a reasonable price.

Btw ahat happened to the box sets? Any reference to them vanished from the miniatures page.

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There are no smiley's to properly emote this...


"We are the Emoticons. Reaper shall sees and dissist of all production of miniatures that can not be decsribed with word above the facters off COOL, AWSUME, or ROCKEN as we have not the ability to 'emote' such words. If this persists we will be forced to invade Texas with our smiley wrathe."



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