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Git along little dino!

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That band of desperados, the Dino Gang, had better watch out.


Marshal Eli Masters has just tamed hisself a dino fresh off the train from Gwangi. A Carnotaurus. At least that's what Doc calls it. Marshal Masters tends to call it "Ijit" and other unkind names that can't be repeated in polite company.




Crappy pic, just took it quick.


Still need to add the green stuff harness.


That's a West Wind "Cowboy Wars" rider on the Reaper Carnotaurus. Dennis Mize does good dino.

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*sings* It's allright if I pickalittle fight? Bonanza!


Looks good, Hex! Now I have to go find a copy of Valley of Gwangi.


Do you have the new Reaperaptors? Are they out? I figured they mould make good mounts too.

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Just a bit off topic Hex, but have you read the Fallen Cloud saga by Kurt Giambastiani? It doesn't have cowboys on dinos, but it does have Indians on them.


No, but I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks.


I would like thank Barnes and Noble.com for not having any of these books except the fourth one in stock. Of course, I could order them all used from different used-book sellers and pay $4 shipping on each book, making them more expensive than new copies.


:grr: and I've got a gift card from my b-day too...

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Here's Marshal Master's sidekick, Paddy McGilicuddy. Like all Irishmen, he's a bad-tempered drunkard. [shouldn't you put a smiley there? -Ed.]


He doesn't ride a dinosaur, but his smilodon is just as mean as a raptor or an Irishman. [smiley? -Ed.]




Uh-oh! Better put down the flask, Paddy! [Now you're doing it on purpose! -Ed.]



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The allosaurs are early 80's Ral Partha. I picked four up at Gen Con last year from the Iron Wind booth. They were in the "pewter by the pound" boxes. I got some other dinos, terror birds, animals, and the smilodon there too.


The allosaurs had huge bases that went all the way back to their tails, which were dragging. That's not realistic so I chopped up the bases to at least make them appear to not be dragging them.


The indians are Cowboy Wars Plains Indian Chieftans. The two guys in the pictures here had lances that were too small to be used from a big dino so I swapped them out with some Old Glory spears I had. Luckily I was able to snip the feathers off one and glue it to the new lance.


Dinosaur riding nazis would be cool.


I've always had a thing for WWII + dinos since there was a green army man vs plastic dinosaur game in Dragon magazine in the mid 80's. Nazi time travel experiment gone wrong, grunts get transported back in time and need to fight their way out. Awesome.

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