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wow, 3000 for me


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Wow, 3000 posts for me, avg about 1k per year I'm here, this year a tad bit faster then the others. Anyways just wanted to let anther big thank you out to all that run this board & to all the participate in it as well. I've got close to 4000 posts on my model board but I've been on there since late 1998 (but the post counts are close since they switched to the old format this board used in 2003, so I have roughly about 800 or so more posts on that one then here, which is funny since I would rather post here & be in discussions & such goin on this side of my hobbies :rock: ), but back to why I kinda wanted to make this post a little different then most of my posts on here, more or less a humble but glad I'm part of this hobby & this board.


I've been involved with fantasy stuff since I was a little kid & got into D&D as more or less hey that is cool when I was 10 or 11 (played Caramon from DL in a game that was goin, I had no idea what I was doin, ha ha), but when my mom & I moved to anther towna few years later I became freinds with a couple guys that I'm still freinds with today that become my gaming buddies & best freinds, that was when I was 12-13 or so, started to really play D&D & Warhammer fantasy rpg alot during last year of Jr High & even more in HS & that got me interested in the miniature aspect of the hobby. So when I was 15 or I started to buy miniatures (mainly Ral Partha & a few GWs) & partha paints as well at my somewhat local game store (Dark Horse when they were downtown Boise ID, some of our resident Idahoans will know that place) & love the hobby, my mom has most of my figs that I painted many many years ago, but I have a few still.


Anyways I didn't know much about painting, mainly just drybrushing & the ole dip out of the ole pot back then & such, didn't know much about washes & other tech. but it was fun. I recall painting a a whole slew of figs equivlant to 2 RP box set, 1 month while I was stayin at my grandmothers for summer vacation. Started to mix my own colors had my favorite black & white, maybe a great dark stone grey, simple but loved it, also had a great color for boots as well.


Fast forward in time a bit, after HS I kinda fell out of gaming, minis & other stuff that I love in HS & before that. Mainly just wasn't interested in this as I once was. About 1995 or so I got booted from my house, cause (I'll admit it) I was a deadbeat, that pretty much mooched off my parents, but I'm glad my step father (which I call my dad now) did what he had to do...got myself a place of my own & such & fatefully asked a fellow employee at my workplace to a Hootie & Blowfish concert over in Boise, ID that year, we hit if off so well that in the spring of 97 I asked her to marry me & in Aug of 97 we were married in a local park here in town, & in Feb of 98, & our first child was born. I started to pick up back up on old interests as well, from Star Wars to fantasy stuff to computer games as well. When the SW-SE version came out it almost felt like I was 4 years old again seein those, life was very good for myself.


Come year 2000 or so when WOTC released D&D 3.0 I gain interest back in D&D & such, & in turn I dug out my paints & such but really didn't want to paint those old minis I had, so I started to pick up Reaper minis & such since they had a great price vs the other guys out there, but I still didn't buy alot thou, just here & there.


Fast forward to about mid 02 I found this forum & started to lurk & read the posts & such as I didn't want to sign up, don't know why but I just started to read the posts & such, so when Jan 1st 2003 came about I said ah hell why not!! so I did & became member #476 & started to join this wonderful communtiy of fellow painters & hobbists & such.


Over the past few years I've met some wonderful people here online & have enjoyed replyin to posts on whatever subject that is here, I've come to almost recognize people by avatars on here, since alot of them stay the same or the name used here I instancely recognize, like "oh that's Frosch, or Qwyk or whoever, & that one thing I love about being on here, really fells like I know everyone here like they were in my town or guys I get to meet each week for a local game session or such, funny how the net can bring people close like that.


Now I'm not gonna say that I haven't had my difference with some people on here, but nothing like what has happened on my model board or other boards, more or less it's just a heated discussion or after awile it

get taken to the PM system on here for like a couple messages & it's done, I'm too old to get into flame wars or whatever to care anymore, but like I said overall it's been a joy to be on here.


Come May this year I got to do something I've never done before & that was attend a gaming weekend, as I always have dreamed about goin to Gen Con & such when I was a kid, being able to go to ReaperCon 05 was a heart warming experience for me to say the least. I painted while I was there, which is something significant for me since I'm in a nasty slump (that I've mention too many times before & I'm sure some here are bored to death of me mentioning, sorry guys :blush: ) but I mainly wanted to just BS with people that I only knew by a funny picture & a oddball name & too meet the people behind the scenes of my favorite company to buy stuff from. While I was there I took a couple classes, one by Jester & one by Anne, 2 people that are fantastic in the way they share their knowledge of the hobby, even thou I haven't painted a lick since May I still remember what both of them taught in their classes & I'm thankful for that, they are truely gifted people, (thanks guys!!!). I played in a D&D game for the first time in over 2 years or so, DM was Bryan & even thou I didn't do much (even played a character I love playin, dwarven cleric) I had a blast, from Frosch's antics to Unglef's crazy halfling barbarian to the others in our group I was like "wow I still can have fun doin this!!". Also I got to meet a variety of sculptors that had attended this year's con, from Jason Wiebe to Bob Ridolfi & Janet Guthrie to the one person I really had to meet & that was Sandra Garrity. I really had to thank those guys espically Bob & Sandra since those 2 were ones I remember when I use to get RP minis, not so much Janet but after meeting her & seein how she is & such, I've come to respect her & her work more & more, to the point that I try & get anything that she does now.


Come Monday morning/afternoon when I said goodbye to all the employees at Reaper & too the 2 guys I kinda hung out with after Reaper closed for the night (ok Qwyk was my ride to & from Rp HQ for the weekend, ::P: ), Qwyksilver & Eastman at the airport I was like wow I didn't want that to end, but life must go on & I wanted to see my wife & 2 children again.


Which leads up to this post for me, sorry it's been a long winding post from me, but it's something that I kinda have been savin up since I hit oh about 2500 or so, kinda wanted this post to be a big special thank you to all that are here & that I've gotten to know a little bit due to reapercon & personal messages & such. So a big thank you to the Reaper employees that make this a great hobby to get into, espically to Kit Pierce (which I will meet next year at RC06!!!) for keepin this board up & runnin, don't know what I would do without it, also to Ron Hawkins & Ed & Al Pugh for a wonderful company. To the sculptors that turn out some killer stuff, espically to Sandra, Werner, Jason, Bob, Ben & Bobby, my top 6 fav sculptors (no order of course), glad I was able to meet a few of yah, defeintly gonna take some sculpting classes next year, even I can barely push GS where I want it to go!!! & espically to all the guys & gals here on this board, you guys are the best people I've met online & in person, love being able to share in what knowledge I can offer & epically the knowledge you guys can give me, or even a joke or too shared here on this board. Also a special thanks to most of the ringbearer club here as it seems like I met most of yah at Reapercon this year, glad to know you guys!!!!


anyways, I'll finally close this post off with a humble thank you for lettin me be part of this board communtiy & I promise you that I will post more finished (ok 1 maybe 2 :blink: ) before 07!!! Also I've got a couple commitments that I HAVE to do & I will get those done before this year's end. Heck I might even post some terrain stuff, if I ever really get into do that sorta thing...


happy posting guys!!!! :wub:::D:


Randy Mendoza

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Come Monday morning/afternoon when I said goodbye to all the employees at Reaper & too the 2 guys I kinda hung out with after Reaper closed for the night (ok Qwyk was my ride to & from Rp HQ for the weekend, ::P: ), Qwyksilver & Eastman at the airport I was like wow I didn't want that to end, but life must go on & I wanted to see my wife & 2 children again.



No problem on the transport. Although, since my brother doesn't work for Enterprise anymore, don't expect a Cadillac next time :devil: I really wish I had been able to snag a picture with Lanse's Gragg on the hood of that sweet ride. My brother does work for DHL now, so I might be able to stuff you in a box and mail you home at a discount though :lol:


That was a fun dinner at Chilis with everyone staying Sunday night before we all realized we were old and tired and needed to go to sleep because the weekend had wiped us all out ::D:


I still have that stupid card I had to fill out in order to buy a beer with dinner. Just in case I go back to Denton in the future, which probably won't be until Artist Con 2006 at the absolute earliest.


Congrats on hitting the 3k mark Randy. Sorry I won't be able to see you at RCon '06 though.

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