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10mm WWII pictures

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Nice work! I really like the infantry bases - maybe you could post a how-2-do? The flocking and colours are really nice!


As for the Tiger, I think the model itself looks a bit odd... could be the angle, but I've got the impression there's something wrong with the turret. It looks a bit too small / short.

If you don't mind, I'd suggest that you replace the barrel of the prow MG with a small thread - as it is now, it looks a bit... well... "stubby" (no offense intended!). The colours are great - I like that ragged / used look. For the model seems to be a late-production type Tiger I (I can see no Feifel air filters and hoses on the engine deck), I could also imagine an "Ambush"-type camo pattern plus some kill markings on the gun barrel. ::P:


By the way - have you thought of applying some dirt (= sawdust applied with PVA glue and painted in matching colours) to the drive sprocket wheel? Could be the picture, but I think the sculpt lacks some detail there...


That puss-on-tracks makes me want to post a pic of my 6mm Tigers... *sigh*



--- EDIT ----


Couldn't resist and have posted some pics in the Craft Corner - Show Off section: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...=0entry283787

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