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15mm Historics


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So I'm considering getting into the 15mm historics/fantasy figs for mass army battles, but was wondering if anyone has any pics or know of some "decent" looking models? I'm after the middle ages Saxon look mainly and perhaps early Renassiance for the human armies. Thinking of looking into the Battle of the 5 Armies figs for the more "fantastic" races.


The big trouble with historics that I have found, is that the online shops for most are terrrible works of html. Links and codes, but no pics, price codes instead of actual dollars, and the "online shop" looks to have been made in the 90s before encription was even invented. :)


Anyway, this is a totally new area of miis for me, and any pointers or advice would be appreciated.

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Check out Essex Miniatures. Portions of their 15mm range is illustrated. I have some of their hobbits/halflings, and they're great for the "LotR" look (waistcoats, feathered caps, etc).


I have lots of Old Glory 15s, which is a great range of products. Have lots of experience with their Normans, which are pretty good; the Saxons are no doubt similar (when you talk about saxons, are you really referring to the English of the 11th C, or the Saxons of the 8th-9th C???)


Also check out Mirliton for some awesome figures. The 13th C and 15th C Italian Wars figures are pretty awesome...



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Battle of the 5 Armies (if you are talking the GW game) are 10mm figures - the same as their Warmaster line. Which are brilliant, btw - and loads off fun to use for various games.


There are hoards of companies that do 15mm models as well, just do a few google searches and you can come up with some great links.


For 15mm Early renaissance, you might also want to look to the English Civil War as there are loads of great pikemen and musketeers.


I've been fond of the Venexia 15mm itallians, particularly the Landsknechts (yes yes.. they are german mercenaries, I know... thats why I like them)




Reaper made some great 15mm fantasy figures as well - you can still find them floating around if you look for "Shadowcorp" Definately some good stuff there.

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At the moment I'm very fond of WARMASTER which is 10mm. I really like the system and the figs are of a excellent quality, but expensive since they are GW. I'm painting lizardmen at the moment, but it will take some time until the whole army is finished. We also considered playing WARMASTER ANCIENTS, so we were looking for figs, but had the same problems as you had. Often there are no pics and I don't want to buy minis without having seen them before. Here some more links to companies doing suitable minis:





Good luck on your quest!

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Dang...I'd love to see Reaper do 15mm fantasy!


There's a lot of good stuff out there for 15mm historicals (and some fantasy, but not as much)...with my favorites being the already mentioned Corvus Belli, and Xyston (www.xyston.com).


If you want to see pics of various armies, from various manufacturers visit:




Fanaticus is a site devoted to DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) one of the prevalent rules sets for historical gaming.


I've just recently gotten into this as well. I've picked up the DBA rules, as well as HOTT (Hordes of the Things, 15mm fantasy from the same folks as DBA) and a Early Imperial Roman army from Corvus Belli. Also gonna build a Greek army.


Good luck in your new endeavors and have fun!



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