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Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)


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This is the new thread for minis we would like to see.


as the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.


Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.


thank you.


Minis We'd like to see, thread 3: began Jul 9 2005, closed Dec 13 2005, 27 pages of posts

"Flying" monk. One with a two-foot kick going high, and only the 'skirt of his robes touching the ground to provide vertical support for the mini.


2 stage adventurers: one with weapon and one standing around looking stately or menacing.


3 stage player characters


6 armed india themed statue of a goddess


6 armed reptus themed statue of a serpent goddess


Actors & thespians: a troupe of actors, a guy in drag


Adventurers in bed rolls. Packs under their head. Armor and weapons piled beside them or at their head.


Alchemy benches with retorts and assorted beakers, etc.,






Anything from willow






Arcane tricksters


Argonians (reptile people from the game morrowind),


Arthurian minis.


Asian monsters.


Average tavern customers




Biblical style heroes


Big fat baker/chef


Big, bald barbarian in hide armor with a two-handed sledge. Without a beard, preferably.


Birdmen something like the aaracokra.


Black lab sitting and scratching




Cat people


Causalities? Wounded or maimed people on the battlefield


Cavalry for the reptus.


Centaurs (as mages, archers, warriors, clerics, rogues)!


Characters with a smile on their faces - even if it is a wicked half grin for an evil guy.


Chinese influenced characters too; especially the early to medieval periods - with the half shaved heads and long braided hair. Or characters influenced by chinese opera costumes and japanese kabuki.


Chinese townsfolk.


Creepy 'dire' insects


Damsel in distress


Dangerous plants


Demi-human townsfolk.


Desert ranger


Different types of merchants, a bowyer, armor seller, fortune teller, potion seller, fruit seller, fish merchant, horse handlers, spice and carpets seller etc.


Dire octopus




Dogs/cats/ rats/chickens


Druids of all types, big ones that turn into bears, little ones that talk to sparrows, medium ones that make weeds and vines grow


Drunkard with broken bottle




Dual wielding dwarven rangers


Dwarven bagpiper


Dwarven bard, with a tankard of ale in one hand and a drumstick in the other, with the drum hanging from a strap over his shoulder


Dwarven battlerager-esque minis


Dwarven druid


Dwarven short-bowmen.


Egyptian style high priests, artisans, workers and townsfolk


Egyptian townsfolk.


Elf barbarian with a big axe.


Evil dwarves, normal dwarves with bad personalities.


Fat drunk european monks


Fat wealthy merchant and his wife


Feathered serpents


Female dark elves wearing ornate, but practical plate armor.


Female dwarves


Female goblins.


Female orcish priests


Females; plain old women folk


Feral elves


Fighter type, in mismatched, piecemeal armor. Sort of beat up


Fighter-types in different stances than wielding a weapon - praying, looking off into the distance, etc


Figures in the style of anime/manga


Foppish doctor/man of science


Genasi (with features of the elements like swirling or flaming hair)


Generic blister. It could have a couple of bodies and legs, 4 or 5 heads, and a half dozen things for them to hold onto


Giants. Varied prestige class styled giants


Gnome cleric


Gnomish or human tinkerers and inventers?


Greek-styled titan?


Half dragon critters


Halfling mage/wizard


Halflings or elves on dinosaurs


Halflings with boots


Half-orc wizard/sorcerer?


Halloween themed sophie


Hangmen and jailors. Men at arms with jail key rings and potbellies.


Henchmen: women with improvised weapons or casual items, with tankard in hand, with milk stool in hand- chair leg in two hands, a bucket.


Heroes from the bronze age






Horse with curved dual horns (instead of the normal twisted unicorn horn), and claws instead of hooves, sharp pointy teeth, a short, cropped-style mane and a tail similar to that of a zebra.


Horses that are hobbled.


How about doppelganger god minis?


Huge big giant snake


Insect people like thri-kreen


Japanese townsfolk.


Jenny greentooth and other monstrosities that are less "fantasy" and more "old midwives tales"


Kids pack


Klocke gnomes


Klocke halflings




Lady of the lake mini would be great, something in between a human and a water elemental perhaps.




Latin gods


Librarian wizards-male and female with thick glasses holding an open book, similar to jolie, female scribe. Just more bookish looking.


Limited edition themed figures. Series of arctic minis: adventurers bundled up in thick clothing, monstrous humanoids wrapped in furs


Living constructs =warforged




Lumberjacks/woodsmen, miners, trappers, fishermen, the guys that get the stuff done


Lupine rager variants.


Male gnome bard.


Mangy mutt type dog...


Master thrower with a bandolier of throwing knives or shurikens


Mentally unbalanced cleric


Mermen and mermaids


Mesoamerican fantasy figures


Milkmaids, vendors, merchants, courtiers, seers, fortunetellers, gypsies








More "bits" that would be useful in the construction of some of the various warlord factions' "totem's of battle". Basically: more things along the lines of the pillars of good and evil, the urn of ashes, all the cool egyptian themed statues and what-not. It's all good stuff. I just wish there were more of it!


More anti-heroes.


More dinosaurs like t-rex hatchlings


More githiyank/githizerai options


More monster from antiquity (harpy, lamia...)


More pirates and swashbucklers of all races with guns.


Mountain ranger


Mousey "rat-men" a la redwall - or sandra garrity's "hammibal"


Mule with a packsaddle


Mule with just a saddle blanket


Musicians for warlord


Naginata-armed female, again in casual clothes


Native american themed


Nice bard figures. Woman that looks slightly windswept, playing a bamboo flute would be really nice. Standing with knee up on a stump, stool or boulder just sort of crooning or weaving an enchantment with their instrument of choice - mandolin or harp would be cool. Maybe a flute/recorder/woodwind or something for a pied piper style. Or sitting on a rock playing an instrument.


Nightmare (steed)




Non-dire savanna animals would be nice to see. Giraffes, wildebeests, cape buffalo, hyena, bull elephants, baboons, hippopotami, nile crocodiles, maybe a jackal or a vulture.


Non-human bards: orcs and goblinoids with drums. Armored squire with brass horn. Dwarves with drums or ram horn. Maybe a halfling with his lips pursed whistling or playing some sort of panpipe.


Nsingha dev carrying out justice against the demon hiranya kashipur.


Obese bathalian/illithid/mind flayer with an eye patch wearing robes and wielding a heavy oaken staff


Orc pirates


Parrot or large macaw


Pickpocket boy


Pirate/sailor with a squeezebox would be brilliant.








Puritan witch hunters


Ranger type model equipped with pitons, rope and other such gear. A mountaineer?


Regular "grunt" female orc warriors


Robin hood inspired models


Roman heroes


Rust monsters


Sahuagin (fish people),


Samurai in 'casual' clothing instead of armor.




Scholars. Some hooded figures or monks seated at those tables writing in manuscripts, maybe illuminating some letters...or a professor type of mini with a book in hand and a feather quill pen in the other with those little ben franklin glasses hanging off the tip of his nose.




Shambling mound




Skeletons on sprues extra bits


Skoli figs!


Slave girls and a slave trader


slew of left handed everything.


Smashed bookcase, armoire and maybe some more boxes and chests.


Some greek heroes


Spider-legged goat skull


Sprues of flintlock or matchlock weapon, especially weapons. Pistols


Student wizards


Summertime gragg


Summertime sophie" french bikini, sunhat and shades


Swamp ranger




Table covered in books and scrolls with wizard stuff around it,


The guys in leather and the vampires from beast master


The questing beast


The usual "more racial variants of certain classes" request. (dwarf bard, barbaric elves, knightly, if nor kingly or even wizardly half-orcs, etc.)


Thralls. Vampire thralls


Three-toed sloth (or even a dire sloth),


Tiefling (with small horns or daemonic features),


Town mayor, portly, balding man behind a desk with some scrolls or maybe a magnifying glass, inkwell and some parchment on it


Townsfolk of races other than human (halfling, kobold, elf...)


Townsman or woman wiping their brow with a sleeve or rag, just sitting around.




Underdark ranger


Unkempt assasin.


Useable weapons


Various characters from the princess bride


Various sized and types of wheels


Weapon sprues of modern and high tech weapons







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Top Posters In This Topic

Ok then , more monsters - a Rust Monster for one , also wood folk like a satyr and a dryad . :B):

I'll second that. A mermaid or two would be a good addition.

Some pack animals would be nice, too. Another adventuring gear pack. And I'd love to see Sandra Garrity sculpt a hippogriff.


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Well since I can't ask for more kobolds (yet....)


I must will for more heros as the pinacle of good (paladins like the praying Paladin and Allain the female Paladin)


To counter balance these forces more wretches of the underworld demons and devils. Perhaps a Miltonic inspired line with Beelzebub, Belial, Mamon and Moloch.


Charon has been done (and very well done), but perhaps death or a few more of those colorful figures.

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Dinosaur riders ... and Japanese stuff. :devil:

  • unarmoured gothic vampires, men and women
  • werecreatures in shredded clothing
  • late 18th/early 19th century townsfolk/nobles
  • half vampire vampire hunter with traveller's hat, large sword on back, and face on left palm
  • pixies without clothes
  • more undead hunters
  • characters with whips
  • pirates: dwarves, elves, gnomes, vampires, ...
  • possessed people/undecayed zombies (think sleep walking people)
  • unarmoured female samurai
  • goze (blind wandering female shamisen player)
  • undead samurai


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Fantasy type of minis...


Well, Cambions... Have quite a few cambion characters that need minis...


Not sure if "cambion" is a word from our past mythos or the D&D term, but in effect, half-fiends...


Or in Biblical/Hebrew tradition, Nephilim.


Scary thing about most of my cambion characters are that they tend to be rebels against their evil heritage.


And of course, I still want my flame wielding clerics. Male and female.


Possibly with spiked chains that are also on fire... :devil:

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Children and youths, especially of other races. (i.e. younger dwarven girl... elven lad .. orcish toddler?)


Orcish toddler with Nhoolyan doll ::D:


How about Orcish toddler/lad with voodoo doll?


Complete with pins...


Oh... Did I mention the doll was an elf?

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OOPS!!! Almost forgot something, I like the idea of thugs, how about a Thugge/Assassin with a garotte in his hands, about to put it to use.


A Master Thrower with a bandolier of daggers (male or female-one of each)


Half orc dancing girls, er, um....entertainers

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