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It's My Turn...


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Here is my finished 72mm Sophie mini...


(please see below at a later post for the images)


I know this mini is old news to most of you, and the color scheme has been beaten to death. It's just that it never interested me like the typical Reaper fan so I was a late comer when it came to buying and painting this mini. But now that I have painted it, I enjoyed it far more that I thought I would, and I plan to paint another one in a more personal color scheme.


Sorry I've been away for so long. There is a little something called "life" that took up a lot of my time. I just hope I'm here for good.


Enjoy, folks!!!




Since it been so long since I've posted here, I didn't know of the changes which allowed me to post images without having to link back to my web space. Now I don't have to worry about lack of bandwidth.

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WOW! I wish I could do that. She looks really great. You did a wonderful job with her. You know you might be able to find some of the old christmas models of Sophie to do in a more personal color scheme. I know my game store has a few of them.


She looks really great (did I already say that). Keep up the good work.

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I see red X's. =(





Yeah. For all those who are seeing red "X's" is because...


"Access Denied. Bandwidth limit exceeded.


Exceeded your Bandwidth quota? Has your hobby grown into a thriving business? Sounds like you need to upgrade from your BellSouth Personal Web Page to BellSouth Shared Web Hosting!

With BellSouth Shared Web Hosting, you receive plenty of bandwidth and hard disk space, as well as the flexibility to design the site you've always wanted--all for a very affordable price.


BellSouth Shared Web Hosting offers several plans and options to choose from, as well as the choice to have the charges billed to you via your BellSouth phone bill."


Screw you, Bellsouth.



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In the show-off section, you don't have to have linked images, you can attach the files here (nekkid minis need to be linked)



I think I see so I'll try it...












And here is a close up of the face in hi res...




Did it work???




Thanks for the tip, Eastman! I sure learned something tonight. ::):

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