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Reaper Hill Troll


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It is a fine day for a walk in the foothills of Mount Fallenost. The pines smell wonderfull and the pine needles that cushion the forest floor are nice to walk on. Strangely, you realize that there are no birds singing. Suddenly, from your right you hear a howling scream that chills your blood. You draw your sword, knowing that, if it is what you think it is, it will do you little good.


The pines shake as something crashes rapidly toward you. A hulking form, lumbers into view. Your blood turns to ice as you stare up at what is likely to be the last thing you will ever see...







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I've been working on this guy for a while now. He was fun to paint, but took longer than I expected. This is the first miniature I painted solely with MSPs, and I must say that I absolutely love working with them. Great job Anne!


A couple of notes:


- In my world these trolls live in the foothills of mountains, so I decided to go with a pine forest floor theme on the base.


- I was trying to go for a rusty cast iron look for his shield.


- The moles are a mixture of 8 different base colors. Trolls in my world have issues with Troll Cancer.


Sorry about all the picts, but people usually ask for close-ups so I thought I'd do them right up front.


Let me know what you think.




Nice! Very smooth. The eyes are fantastic. Where did you get the little pine tree?




I made the tree. It is a weed, painted black with dark green static grass glued to it for needles. Voila, instant baby white pine! ::D:



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