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End of the Year


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Many times I'm forced to repeat the same schpiel to people in writing because I don't have a good online resource to point them at.


Why not post the text of that here? It might save time for us as well as help others. A good schpiel is a terrible thing to waste.





Texas to be swapped with Missouri



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QWK, your system seems to have a 1-1500 point winner getting half as many points for a win as the next bracket. That seems to go against your stated position that you don;t want the smaller battles to have less points?


By less points, I meant, that no one receives a penalty for playing in a smaller point game.


If for instance, you were playing in a 750 point game, you'd only receive .75 points because the standard game was considered 1000. I do not like that idea one bit.


Everyone receives at least the one point for a victory regardless of size. No one receives less than that amount, even if they were playing in a 300 vs 300 battle.

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As the ideas come out, you begin to see how different types feel aobut the game and that illustrates my point. There are those who "simply want to have fun" and those who want competition and those who are somewhere in between. The trick is to make everyone happy or at least kind of happy. The money is in the competition as you can see from GW, Warmachine, Magic and Versus. A balance would be sweet if a good one can be struck or stricken.


I fall more on the competitive side. I find "playing to win and having my opponent do the same" to be "fun." I like to paint and I've even written a little fan fiction. I've never gotten around to submitting pictures, even of my converted Overlords. Maybe I will one day. There are lots of players like me. Some of them are here, but quite a few are playing Warmachine, WFB, 40K and Confrontation. There is some level of dissatisfaction with the tournament systems for all of those games. NACORD in particular has ticked off some of its members.


I've travelled around just to play the Big Fish in other ponds. I've hit Gencon for Warmachine and Warlord and I've gone from the Rogue's Den in Deleware to Millennium in Rochester for one day tournaments. I do it for the competition, to put a face on Forum Pseudonyms and just to have a blast playing with other good players. I drove to Rochester to fight Froggy and to Indy to fight Kelcore. All because they a ranked high and playtesters and that is a good excuse to expand my pool of playmates.


This should be one of the goals of the Warlord HQ system.


The fluff, storyline, paint, modelling and so on are all important and necessary, but in the end, it's a wargame and Battles should not be poo-poo'd by the more artistic oriented.

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Here's an interesting "limited edtion" style thing, I don't know if anyone likes it but what if we did something along the lines of what RPGA does and have a "Players Reward Program" for every X points you earn you generate maybe a swag point or something, or some other sort of redeemable. Maybe you can order just printed datacards with it, maybe more. Nothing exlusive, just allows me to get say a replacement for that Mossbeard card I lost 3 months ago, or perhaps an alternate sculpt if I save up 3000+ points, or maybe a Medal Trade in system. (or make the medals available to BL sponsors/RAGE stores) Maybe you release spell cards with alternate art. Yeah it's CCG ish, but after all, we are all collecting mini's.


Multi-player battles: YES. I run more of these than anything else.


How about a Local Players check box. I hate looking up the same 5 people I play all the time, what if we added a quick click link to submit a battle report against one of your favorite players. Also on that note a drop down or name selection for player rather than those cumbersome ID #'s.


I like the balance of power, however it would be neat to have an alternate map that just takes the taltos regions and sprays them over the real world map, so I can see that say Mercs controll all of the Eastern Seaboard (US) but that Necros have Australia [and thereby causing me to go on a big long roadtrip]


I like the split points idea, perhaps I'll have to get into writing fluff. I love the flavor of the game, and I'd love to see a real living plot start to evolve out of this game.


Create your own contests are always neat, although I'd be careful about making promises. I've been working w/ Froggy on his Moonscar, and I know just how much playtesting needs to be done in order to make a fair and balanced faction. The MetaGame is tricky to deal with, so I'd not promise anything about making anything official.


Whoah, crazy idea: piggy backinf off of stubdog. Any chance of starting a warlord BBG? If Reaper wants to host it perhaps, I'll rally a team and we'll code it.


The more options for reporting you off the happier I am. I'd love to see the best dwarf player vs. the best over all player.


I don't like the idea of an ELO rating system. Part of what I love about warlrod is that it isn't all that competative. It keeps the "Cocks" just that much friendlier when they can't brag and say they've got a 1500 rating and you're only a 1400. I love how you fight for your faction in the current setup much more than you fight for yourself. That's the way I really envision this going. Having it focus more on indviduals makes the reapergames site lose that whole aspect of tracking the way the world is evolving rather than being a competative forum.


Subfaction reporting would be nice, but only as an addendum. I don't want to see any region ruled by the Crypt Legion. They're necropolis.


Let Razig come to the table. He's his own faction make him as such for Reaper Games. YAR!!!

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Texas to be swapped with Missouri




I'll field that one. Missouri is closer to us than Texas. Also, we both despise driving through that particular state (Missouri, that is. Texas looks like heaven by the time we get there...).



No no no!!! You seem to forgetting that it's Arkansas that is the Deliverance state! Not Missouri! :devil:


Wild Bill :blues:


P.S. My two cent on the whole "End of the Year" thing. Is it wrong to only wish for frequent updates on ruling changes? Even if it's only to say there are none? Otherwise, I like what is going on now! I wouldn't change anything. ::):

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Why not post the text of that here? It might save time for us as well as help others. A good schpiel is a terrible thing to waste.

Well, my schpiel is geared for the people I try to introduce the game to. And a lot of the time, they are not wargamers to begin with. I typically gear the text for the audience, but I edited this one to be more generic.


What is Warlord?


Warlord is a fun and easy to learn Fantasy Miniature Wargame. That’s a mouthful isn’t it?! Let’s break it down. Wargames are where two or more players come together and inact a war, using a set of rules, we’ll call “the rules of engagement.” Miniature wargames use miniatures to represent people. While a war is fought with hundreds or thousands of soldiers, skirmishes can be fought with anywhere from 5-10 soldiers. Warlord battles can be fought with anywhere from 8-15 models for a skirmish, to 100+ models for a grand battle. Warlord has elements from fantasy literature, such as elves, dwarves, undead, wizards, and clerics with magic spells, making it a Fantasy Miniature Wargame.


Would I like this game?


If you like board games, wargames are not that different, with the board being a battle field filled with hills, trees, ruins, or even castles and fortifications. If you like computer strategy games, with Warlord you actually get to pick up the soldiers and move them yourself. It’s the ultimate control over a field, as you try to crack the defenses of the smartest opponent you can have, another wargamer. If you like roleplaying games, Warlord is what you’ve always wanted to do with a small scale battle, except you never could do it before because it would take 50 hours to resolve the same combat with the roleplaying game mechanics. Warlord reduces that to an hour or two. If you just like to roll some dice and brag about how your mercenary company cut down a horde of raging bull-orcs, Warlord gives you the chance. Whatever motivates you, I am sure you will find an aspect of the game you like.


Why Warlord?


There are indeed many miniature wargames to pick from. Warlord is simple to learn, fast to play, has some of the best miniatures on the market, is created by Reaper (one of the most supportive and friendly companies in the industry), and is loads of fun. Besides, your favorite friend (yeah, that’s me) is running demos for it, promoting the game, willing to help you in any way, and making sure you have a great time.


In addition to this, I use the Warlord Sneakpeak PDF as a resource to give out information on Factions.

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Here's what I would like to see


-Razig having his own faction on Reaper games

-Jackie bones (Razig) data card fixed (it currently has some of Clarissa's s stats)

-A Warmaster tourniment that I don't win by defalt.

-Release of the Emporer CAV

-battle reports with more than a 1000 character limit :grr:

-Reptus riding a giant spider(I've only mentioned this 10 times on the boards ::D: )



I like the Idea of a unique charatcter as a prize. Not some Uber strong but just a cool Cpt, Sgt or hero. I also like different awares for fluff writing and painting.

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--Have battles against vastly inferior or newer players, count less (Half) for the experienced winner and have them count more (double) if the n00b wins.


This begs its own discussion on several levels.


1. How many battles are not getting reported / submitted because they involve battles where one person is not registered on the site.


2. What percentage of battles being reported are against new players (or are demos)?


3. If I have an FLGS that I go to and I play the same person over and over again, but no one else, how does it affect my "experience" level?


4. How many games are not getting recorded because of the multi player game issue (I know that there is a work around but, I have played in a few games lately that were not recorded for various reasons).


5. How many games are not reported because they had to be called early and there was no clear cut winner? (is there an option of TIE ?)


6. There are more, but those are what comes to mind initially..


But, I posted that quote cause even though my points might sound negative, I think the concept overall is a very positive one. I agree that to beat someone who has played and victoried as many times as say a "Kelcore", well that would hold more prestige than someone else who beats, well...someone like me. And so someone needs to answer some of these questions so that the concept of that quote can be used/


Just as it should hold more acclaim to win a 5000 point game than it would to win a 750 point game.



Changing subjects


data cards.. I like the idea of changing away from BMPs to JPGs or the like. I also would like to reccomend re-organzing a little bit. At least with the spells and equipment areas. Split them up to their parts (mage spells, cleric spells (it is ok to have the same card pictured in multiple sections), weapons, items, equip, etc...)



Question: in the ranking areas there is a point value for sportsmanship, but no where in the battle report submition is there a place to rank (say on a scale of 1-5) how the opponent was. Is this a featuer only available in official Cons?



agree, need to include some way to report scenarios where single and/or multiple players are playing against a gm lead scenario (like a dungeon crawl for instance)

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