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Hey all,


I finally finished my dancing girls. My excuse for buying them (to my wife, when she saw I had bought them she said, "More minis? You have so many already!" I'm sure most of you have the same problem. :;):) was so I could practice painting flesh as I had bought a big Sophie a week before.


So anyway, they are done, or near done. I have not yet hit them with Dullcote, which is my signal for being completely finished, (it's soooo hard for me to go back and work on a mini after it has been dullcoted, I don't know why. :huh:) so I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have. Pick it apart please! ;)


I had a lot of fun painting up these girls, they are my first attempt at cheesecake. It was actually kind of hard trying to paint them to be pretty. I only painted monsters for a long time; it's much easier making a monster ugly than making a dancing girl pretty. I think you can probably tell which one I did first, I think the paintjob looks a little awkward compared to the one I did second.


Oh, I also changed the way I did hair, thanks to PaintMinion (thanks Sue!), on the second one. Still haven't mastered hair, but I think it'm getting better. Hope you guys think so too. :)


As I look at the photos I realize that I have not yet fixed the "tanline" effect on the half-nekkid dancer's booty. Good thing I haven't dullcoted it yet. ;)


Edit: I've tried to edit this to get rid of the two "solo" photos but they don't show up as attachments when in edit mode. Not sure what the problem is...Anyway, please look at the double pictures first (highlights were painted with those angles in mind).





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There are some sculpts I'm not much of a fan of (like the ones you just painted), but your paint job makes it encouraging to buy and paint. It's late so I don't feel like going into detail, but let me just say that they look very whimsical, the way they should be. Nice job.




Aw, heck. here is another comment...


Because the 2d art I do is impressionistic The tan line effect doesn't bother me like it might for some. I think it's nice sometimes when done right. It's gives the fig on the right a little boldness. But you know what they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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I actually like these sculpts a lot except for one thing, or rather, four things: their manly hands. I tried to correct for that as much as I could with deep shadows, but there is only so much you can do.


Just out of curiosity, what is it about the sculpts that you guys are not crazy about?


Thanks for the other comments too. Maybe I'll leave the tan line as is then, even if it was intially a mistake. ;)

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I really like the one in the pink.... they are both really good... but I REALLY like the one in the pink (watching my words since my wife is sitting next me). The skin tones are nice and the eyes look good too. But overall, I really like the color choices for the one in pink.

Nice job on both. Oh... and I love those bases... i so need to learn how you did that.

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