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Think I accidently hurt my eye


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Hey guys I had to come in and post tonight, yesterday I had a dropper bottle that had clogged up and the paint had dried in the cap so I got out the Exacto blade to clean it out, well what I thought was dried paint alon the edge was plastic and got the exacto stuck I pulled I little bit and the tip broke I felt a something hit my right eye pall and such a tinge of pain I looked in the bottle for the other pieces of the exacto blade I think I found a small piece but most of it wasnt there I would say 3 cm had broken of, so I rushed into the bathroom and looked in the eye carefully I didnt see anything nore was there any pain.


Tonight tho my eye feels a little sore kinda irritated and its slightly red in the area where I feel the irritan in the right corner area of my right eye where I felt something hit the night before.

Since I had not seen any abrasion the night before I thought well it just bounced of, now I am wondering if somnething did get stuck in my eyeball.

I think I need to call the doctor tomorrow and check to what they recomend. right now my eye sight is not affected but when I am painting tonight my eyes whants to close from to much concentratin on the mini and it feels itchy.

Any recomendations on what to do? I cant afford any surgery or really a doctor I am hoping if there is anything that it would just come out on its on, But since I depend on my eyesight for my job I need to make sure my eyesight doesnt become affected.

I think from now I will where safety glases when I use the exacto blade. I have had the tip breake many times while cleaning minis but never thought it could do what it did last night.

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Definitely call your Doctor tomorrow without fail. Your eyesight while it may be fine right now could suffer from such an injury. You might have given yourself a corneal abrasion, which can burn and sting and eventually scar up, meaning it could cloud your vision. Nothing to play around with.


Future suggestion: When using Xacto knives and other sharp instruments always wear eye protection.

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I'd go a step further and visit the ER. Don't take a chance with your eyesight, especially if your livelihood depends upon it.


::o: Sergeant Crunch is right - do not hesitate to get to a doctor!


Let me share my story with you...


About a year and a half ago, I waited to go to the doctor for two weeks after the first irritation I felt in my eye - thinking it was merely an allergeric reaction to something. When I went to my family doctor to verify my theory after two weeks of waking up in the middle of the night with my right eye feeling like there was sand grinding against it, he found nothing. But he also suggested I get to a specialist who has better exam equipment at their disposal.


So the enxt day after work, I went by the Optometrist at Sam's Club. She took a great deal of time looking and looking; using the yellow dye; looking and looking... and she finally found the problem. There was the tiniest piece of clear tape stuck to my right eye just above the iris, beneath the eyelid. So the time it bothered me most was in the middle of the night when your eye tends to dry out some. The REM would cause the object to irritate the eyelid and the eye itself. So I would wake up with severe discomfort and some pain, holding a cold wet washcloth to my eye area until it passed.


The optometrist removed the tape - but guess what? The tape took a tiny piece of my cornea, leaving a 'scar' in my eye. So now I have to put the night-time eye lubricant in my right eye every night before bedtime... probably for the rest of my life! I have been to two different Opthamologists since a year ago when this happened. The first recommended the lubricant, saying that it should give the eye a better chance to heal because...


ok, imagine a pothole in the road. The pothole keeps getting filled, yet the traffic keeps hitting it, causing the filler asphault to eventually wear out of the hole again. This is what's happening with my eye.


Later, when the healing wasn't happening even with the lubricant, the first specialist put a contact in my eye for five days. He was hoping this would help. And it did for a short while. After a month or so, I was able to stop adding the night-time ointment. Then one day after about another month had passed, I woke up with the same irritation. He examined it again, and suggested I go to a second specialist.


The second specialist has given me two options... the first option (hold onto your seat) is to scrape the entire eye down to match the hole in the cornea. This would be the equivalent of a road crew completely repaving a road to get rid of the potholes. *shudder* I don't care for that one.

The second option would be to go in there with a needle and spot-weld the hole in cornea. I still don't like that idea but it's better than the first one.

Oh and the third option is to live with it and use the 10-damn-dollar a tube ointment every night for the rest of my life. *grumble* Which reminds me, I'm due to buy another tube today.


I don't have to explain how seriously important it is now to people to get top a doctor when something like this happens. DO NOT SECOND GUESS YOUR HEALTH! Please!


I hope everything turns out ok for you my friend. I wish you well.



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Like everyone else said- Go to the doctor!


When I was 7 or 8, I got a grain of sand in my eye. It really hurt. I spent half an hour trying to wash the stupid thing out, but couldn't. As it turned out, I had gotten the sand out of my eye pretty quickly but it had scratched my eye a bit and felt like it was still there. My eye was red and sore for a few days, but it healed up just fine.


Even a minor eye injury can feel pretty major, so I wouldn't worry to much about it yet. But get it checked out!


Good luck and speedy recovery!

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blaquemote, get a lawyer now.




Go to the ER, now


And for anyone else, get a pair of glasses and wear them. :blues: Just a normal pair, no perscription or anything, just few MM of plastic between the world and your soul's windows onto it. I have had a few close calls over thee years, and have always been glad to gave been wearing a pair.

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And for anyone else, get a pair of glasses and wear them. :blues: Just a normal pair, no perscription or anything, just few MM of plastic between the world and your soul's windows onto it. I have had a few close calls over thee years, and have always been glad to gave been wearing a pair.

yeah i learned this lesson after having a dremel cutdown wheel explode in my face.

thankfully it missed the eye but i could tell how bad it could have been by the way that it felt of the rest of my face.


let us know what you find out...

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First and foremost: DO NOT SCRATCH OR RUB YOUR EYE, no matter how irritating it might be. If there is a shard still in there, you can push it further into your eye and eventually blind yourself. This would be even worse for your job.


Do not answer any of these posts, just go now to the doctor. If you go to a county hospital, they have to see you. You can work with them to make monthly payments ($10 a month is low and is still a payment, and they will work with you as long as you make a good effort at showing them you're willing to work with them), but go now. Even if you manage to not rub your eye, if there is a shard in there it can work itself deeper into your eye and blind you. I'd rather not see that happen after seeing how much improved your work has gotten over the years you've been posting here.


Don't hesitate, and don't worry about the cost. I've got medical bills out the wazoo that are going to take me over ten years to pay off, but so long as I make the agreed-upon monthly payment, they can't touch me.

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Thanks for all the information and concern. I have not had any itchyness or anything at all the last two days I have been able to work with out it bothering me at all.

I called my mom she had an eye injurie some years ago by jamming a nail into her eye while she slept it instanly swolled shut and had to go the emergency room.

I used some eye drops 2-3 times the day after and blinked real good and if there was anything there it must be out now I cant see anything in the mirror at all and I dont feel anything sense tells me if there had been anything it should had irritated my eye alot more by now and atleast shown some signs.


I have taken this warning seriously tho and I have gotten out my safety glases and keep theme close at hand for when I need to use the Exacto. I only used theme before when I used my dremel.


I feel lucky it could have been a real bummer so easily and I didnt ever think that the exacto was more a threat than giving me a small cut on my finger evil tool.


Thanks for helping me out guys it means alot

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glad to see your gonna come out good in end on this one, we had a guy at work one night his eye was just a reddish pink, thought maybe he got stung or reaction, he got some the Visine A stuff & that made it burn even more, but it helped clear the reddish pink coloring out of it & it did eventually feel better. He went to the eye doc the next day & found out he had a piece of clear packing tape stuck in there (we work freight work at Albertson's). Was really odd to hear something like that could find it way into his eye.



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