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Exchange mini from BattleMountainMinis


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Alrighty, here's the scoop: I got this from BattleMountain minis quite some time ago. Unfortunately, USPS really did a number on it, despite it being packaged very well. Sir Kimball was broken off the Lion, and his sword had was snapped clean off. Not to mention a bunch of chipped paint. Well, I was finally able to get it fixed (dunno about trying to touch up the chips, though). And get some pics of this very creative conversion. Thanks a million, Betsy, I love it!


And without further ado...



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Beautifull job Betsy! You mentioned to me some time ago how much I'd improved. You too, your skills are really getting to be finely tuned and pretty amazing. That fur looks awesome, and the reds and blues are really rich.


Kelcore, I'm glad you were able to put them back together again and share them with us. You must be very happy. :)



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