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Legend of the White Scaled Reptus


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So I was looking at getting a lizard recently, I haven't had one since I was young, and I've always loved Bearded Dragons. Some are almost pure white and others kind of fade into a gold. Take a look at some here:



Well I want to put these colors into effect on my Reptus army, the grunts being mostly white, and the experienced leaders and elites having gold on those long scales.


The problem is I don't know where to start, I can't find anything online that can point me in the right direction, so I turn to you.

What colors would you suggest?

What techniques do you think would work, and where can I find info on how to pull it off?


Thanks for the help.

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Since you're army-painting I assume you're going for speed rather than appearance? ::): The key to painting white in any case is to start with a suitably pale undercoat. Remember that any color next to white will look very dark, even if it's normally a relatively light color! Reading the color descriptions of the types of lizards on that site (cool site, btw!) will point you in the right direction; I saw references to pale lavender, pink and yellow. If you're going to move to yellow points then you're probably going to want your basecoat to be a pale yellow, cream, or greyed ivory. You could add in just a hint of purple if you liked. I wouldn't go with anything darker than a 20-30% hue (think a little darker than Leather White in the Master Series Paint line...). In fact, I would probably start with Leather White with a strong wash of Polished Bone or a weak wash of Aged Bone (in either case tint the wash with just a tiny bit of yellow or purple if you want some color) and then either drybrush or layer up with Pure White. For a more yellowed-out albino look use a strong wash of 9143 Yellowed Bone over a Linen White base and highlight up with white. ::):



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I painted an albino crocodile-man (non-Reaper) a few months ago,

so you might find the colors useful. Most of the scales were a bone-white,

the underbelly was very pale pink, the hands and feet and snout were

pinker still, and there were accents/patterns of pale orange.


Upper scales: Polished Bone base; wash of Aged Bone; lining with mix of

Aged Bone + Brown Liner; highlights Linen White, then Pure White.

Underbelly: Fair Highlight + Linen White (1:1); shading Fair Skin + Bone Shadow

(3:1 or so), then add some Muddy Brown; highlights Linen White, then Pure White

Hands, feet, snout: Rosy Skin, Rosy Highlight.

Patterns: Tanned Skin with a little Fire Orange; shading Tanned Shadow plus

Fire Orange; highlight add Linen White to the base color.


Derek Schubert

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Thanks for the tips on colors, The plan is to pick up the white primer tonight and gets started on these over the weekend.

Do you have a pick of the albino crock floating around anywhere? I'd like to see it, it sounds sweet.



I wish I could get a closer look at that white dragon, I think the feet would really help me pull off what I want with the scales on the back of their necks. Thanks

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