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What did you get for Christmas?!

Crusoe the Painter

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I got the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection ( 3 volume hardcover books set ).


Some other books from the parents.


My wife got me some hobby tools ( I made it easy for her, circled them in the micro-mark catalogue )


Hand vise, for painting minis, etc. It's great! The handle unscrews so you can set it down flat! I plan on using this for painting and sculpting.



A plaster mixing bowl! ( Even dick blick doesn't carry this ). Flexible rubber, so you can crack out the dried plaster when done. Great for my Hirst Arts molds.



I also got some Xuran shears, and some brass tubing.

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What Santa brought me, or 'My list of PHAT LEWT' - thanks in part to my addiction to Beyond Ear Candy:

  • Demons & Wizards - 'Touched by the Crimson King' limited edition
    Edguy - 'Mandrake' limited edition
    Edguy - 'Hall of Flame'
    Gamma Ray - 'Majestic'
    Lefay - 'S.O.S.'
    Morgana Lefay - 'Grand Materia'
    Nocturnal Rites - 'New World Messiah'
    Pagan's Mind - 'Celestial Entrance'
    Pagan's Mind - 'enigmatic: calling'
    Pyramaze - 'Melancholy Beast'
    Savage Circus - 'Dreamland Manor'

and on dvd:

  • Iced Earth - 'Gettysburg'
    U.D.O. - 'Nailed to Metal' boxset
    Manowar - 'Hell on Earth IV'

other than that, I received a copy of the City of Splendors: Waterdeep sourcebook, a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, an Altec Lansing headset with mic, some clothes, and some cash and gift cards. Oh, and my first three sets of Master Series paints from Reaper. ::):

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Let's see a bunch of real surprises as I never made out a list due to the fact I really had no clue what I wanted.


-Antique metal bound hardcover synagogue prayerbook with turquoise on the cover. Dad found it at a local antique mall.

-Two pairs of gloves for work, one with latex gripping surface, the other pair is fingerless goves that have a mitten part to slide over my fingertips. ::D:

-Gift certificate to Borders




From my dear friend Tonester in the UK:

-W&N Series 7's

-Young Miniatures 90mm Viking

-Druid's Stone mini


That's just from Christmas. Now lets see what happens for the eight nights of Hanukkah starting tonight. ::D:::D:


EDIT: First night of Hanukkah: A cubic zirconia choker and earring set purchased at the antique mall. Dad had it appraised and it turns out it's worth a heck of a lot more than the $20 I know he paid for it as I saw it's price when I was there with him. The metal appears to be a high grade of either sterling or anti-tarnish coated white brass. I have to investigate further. I just need to pull out the magnifying lens and examine for a maker's mark and see if I can find a ".925" stamping. Anyways it goes very nice with this slinky black velvet dress I got as a hand-me-down from a friend who wore it only once.


Second Night: A really nice Cookbook on baking breads! ::D: It's Titled "Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads." I asked for it a long time ago because there are a few recipes in there for bread made without yeast. It will be nice to be able to eat real bread again.


Third Night: This Year's Holiday Barbie. My collection is growing.

Next gift will be on the last night of Hanukkah.

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The big ticket item this year is a Digital Video recorder my dad got to film the first moments of my impending daughter's life. I also got a copy of Arcana Evolved, the movie Steamboy, some clothes, Rome:Barbarian Invasion expansion, some GCs, and lots more of baby stuff. Lots more (this kid won't need anything for the next 2 years!) That's about it, though...



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Quick note, I love my hand vise. Not only can it grip like a vise ( good for figues with tabs/wires ), it has holes in the top, and you put lil metal pegs in them. Now, if your figure is already glued on a plastic base, the plastic deforms and it doesn't grip the fig ( So work on the fig before gluing it to a base ).


Buut, it's great for those irregular Reaper DH bases. Put a few pegs in, and it grips them tightly.

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Hm. Ary got me a portable cd player - walkman style - that plays mp3s. The potential to store a band's entire catalog on one cd is exciting to me, and that rocked. I've been eyeing them for a couple of years, and even moreso now that the price on one is so reasonable.


She also got me a giant bottle of Rudy's barbecue sauce. This would be the same barbecue restaurant next to the hotel that most of the R-Con attendees stayed at. I think we're making breakfast tacos next weekend. :B):


My bro sent me DDRMax and a new dance pad. That was very cool. My parents sent me the special edition Office Space disk.


Ear candy wa limited to the "Room Noises" cd by Eisley and the above mentioned Dance Dance Revolution game.


Ary's mom got me the Homer Simpson Operation game. First I was lamenting that I never got to play Operation and always wanted to. Then they saw me light up when this varient showed up in a tv commercial. This earned double cool points as my mother in law actually hates The Simpsons.


On that note: it was all about the mood this Christmas. Even when I walked out of the first of our three parties with only a bottle of barbecue sauce, that bottle felt just as satisfying this year as some entire hauls of previous years. Everything else - from the stuff I got <gloat>to Ary's reactions to her presents</gloat> and especially the sight of our son shoulder-high in toys was just a reason to feel even better.


Besides: that is really really good sauce. Anyone going to R-Con '06 will do themselves a great disservice by not trying it once.


On a final note: our son is swimming in a sea of Blue's Clues, Elmo, books, musical toys, stuffed animals, and clothes. He really doesn't even know where to start playing right now. That's one of the best feelings ever.


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Damon - let me know if you like the art in Arcana Evolved! ::D: Sorry, couldn't resist......


We got some cool stuff:


Reaper Master Series Paint set 126 colors

Paintier carousel tray

DVDs: Sin City, Frasier #7, Princess Bride, Serenity, Battlestar Galactica 2.0

Tons of Warmachine Cygnar figures

Ceramic Goblets

Opening Weekend tickets to Scarborough Faire



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Damon - let me know if you like the art in Arcana Evolved! ::D: Sorry, couldn't resist......


Heh! THat's pretty cool! Sometimes I forget how small the gaming community can be...


Props on the "Protect Staff" piece...I love the face and the expression! I also think some of your large-scale pieces are pretty...uh...evocative (if that's the right term I'm looking for!)...


Damon. ::D:

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It was a light Christmas this year due to financial constraints caused earlier in the year, but I still got the book Star Wars- The Ultimate Visual Guide, a Darth Vader cookie jar (probably my favorite this year), 2 Cold Navy fleets on the way, one from me and one from my wife, and between my son and me, we got 4 packs of the Rocketmen game in our stockings. Haven't played yet but I'll have to get more of these 'cause they're just cool.

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