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What did you get for Christmas?!

Crusoe the Painter

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Stardifter---"Besides: that is really really good sauce. Anyone going to R-Con '06 will do themselves a great disservice by not trying it once."



I agree, that was my first time eating at a place like Rudy's last May, it was different in the way you got your items & such, + yah the sauce was pretty good, I may have to buy a bottle next time I'm there.


"On a final note: That's one of the best feelings ever."


whole heartliy agree with that, I'm not one for the holidays & such, but as long as the kids are happy then it is a great feeling to have.



surprisingly I got more then I actually wanted, since I've told my wife & parents that I don't want nothing every year, anyways my wife surprised me with


Star Wars Clone Wars vol 2, kinda hinted I wanted that one, but I was gonna buy it at a later date.


Bard's Tale for the PC (updated game), was looking at some pc games for my kids & I ran across this at a decent price like 15 - 20 bucks, but put it back as I was shopping for the kids that day. My picked it as I left, must have held it where i couldn't see it, then again we went through seperate lines at wallyworld, alot quicker.


my mom & dad got my 50 bucks cash (that'll help!!! net bill is a bit behind, ha ha) + a new jacket/sweatshirt.


I feel pretty bad since all I got my wife was Ladder 49 on dvd, then again I'll surprise her later with a better gift.


I did get myself a couple of Bose items (monthly payment plan of course, ha ha) the Sounddock for my ipod & a Noise Cancelling headphones ver 2.


So overall it was pretty good, the kids of course had a killer run as usual (2 sets of grandparents, parents & great-grandmother sooooo)



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I got a mini Robosapien V.2, a set of gloves and cap, the Nightmare Before Christmas:Ogie's Revenge game for Xbox, several Star Wars related toys and figures (ok, ok, I got the Invisible Hand, commanders Bly and Gree, and Force Battler Mace Windu) , and a couple of those cologne and shower gel sets (kinda baffling, but the stuff smells nice).


Now that I think of it, I didn't get candy this year.

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I got 2 new brushes

a brush cleaner jar thingie (it was 1 of 2 presents under the tree I had no clue on)

I got a merino wool head scarf (its beautiful, and the other gift I couldn't guess)

I got a calendar

3 toothbrushes

brush restorer (whick my roomate's dog ate last night)

Home-Made peppermint schnapps

An electric mixer


AND... a Russian nesting doll with a made in the USSR sticker. She is wonderful... :wub:


The only thing I wanted that I didn't get was more time playing dominos with the future in-laws.

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I finally got a digital camera! WOOT! Mini picturable!! YES! Santa brought me the Nikon Coolpix 4600 (I think he read Frank's post when he got his) :;):


Now, I just have to fiddle with it to figure out how it ticks.


The coolest thing this year though, was that my entire family came down for Christmas (first time we've all been together in almost 10 years). The young Morglet was a big draw for all, but being only 4 months old, he was more interested in all the movement and his tasty little fist than actually opening (or even looking at) presents . :)


A good year all around. Even the 14 year old "I got teenage-anx" daughters were moderately polite and well behaved. :bday:


Edit: Beyond Ear Candy..... fantastic link! Thanks ucho muchly!

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I got the usual assortment of DVDs and clothes, but the highlights of my Christmas were definitely the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit 2 from my significant other, a router w/router table to use when making some spiffy new shelves (some for displaying miniatures) and the piece de resistance...a wonderfully painted mini from Anastrianna!!

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This year, Christmas with my family was like a Bridal Shower. My two youngest brothers have just moved out in the past 4 months, and like the nitwits they are, never realized how much stuff you really need when you're not at mom and dad's despite what we all told them.


So this year at Christmas it was toaster ovens and towels and dishes and Pyrex and I never saw those two boys so excited.


Stuff I got.

The Calvin & Hobbes complete set. I have to return it though because the binding on all 3 volumes was badly damaged :down:

Cuisinart Hand Blender

Some attachments for my Kitchen Aid Mixer

LEGO - check out the new Viking Legos. They rock!!!


New Cast Iron Skillet

Electric Griddle

My mom actually got me paint brushes!!!

Cake transporter (and my mom said I could also have all her decorating tips and pans since she doesn't really bake anymore!!!)

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