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I'm just testing the water here to see if there's any interests. My past attempts to start a game were unsuccesful so I'm a little wary. I was wondering how many people would want to start a GURP campaign in a cyberpunk setting (think William Gibson's Neuromancer, Count Zero, Night City)


let me know :)

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Sorry if it took a while to answer, it's been busy lately with christmas and new year.


As for the characters, I would prefer not to put too much restrictions on them. I can tell the story from

different perspective depending on what kind of characters the players want. The only restriction is that they have to know each other before the adventure starts and/or are from the same power groups.


Here they are...


1. Police/Security/Vigilante Forces/Mercenary Forces

2. Organized Crime organizations, mobsters, gansters, etc

3. One of the Mega-Corps agents


What would you guys want to be? As for classes, we you can be anything you want including archetypes such

as hackers, hitmen, assassins, bodyguards etc.




I must admit, I'm not sure what Cthulupunk is. As for this world, it's during the year 2020 on Earth so it's not that far ahead. There's no magic whatsoever but there are some rare cases of psyonic (military experiments, mutations, etc) As for the most part, I'd like to keep it "real" albeit more technologically advanced.

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I'd be interested if you were using the actual Cyberpunk 2020 rules. It's still my favorite RPG of all time. Even it's predecessor, "Cyberpunk" was good and the Friday Night Firefight rules for that were even deadlier than in Cyberpunk 2020.


I miss Pondsmith making that game and supplements a lot. I asked a question in a thread here a long time ago about why the cyberpunk genre died out not only in gaming but in fiction.

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I'm more inclined to agree with SaintRigger - ultraviolence is part of the cyberpunk genre. It is a violent future after all.

I'm not familiar with Friday Night Firefight nor Cyberpunk 2020 and as of now we don't have enough people. Let's wait a bit :)

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