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Jan Warlord Tournament

Emmel Eitch

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Will there be a fee to enter the tourney? Cash or mini purchase?



I only ask because alot of the DCI stuff(WotC Star Wars miniatures) games my son and I have played have an entrance fee. 'course we split a box(or three) of boosters in order of placement. So that's not too bad.


6:30 at the Asylum. Oy. I35 traffic heading north on a Friday. Oy again.



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Just an update for everyone


Sign up will be at 6:30 pm

games will start at 7


It will be a 1k point tournament with a "Fixed List" that must be submited during sign up.


it will be a one on one tournament, however we may have an elimation round to cut down the amount of players so that we're not still running the tournament come sunup.


Games will last 45 minutes or until one player is the last standing. If called on time, the player that has scored more victory points is the winner.


There will be a prize for first place and a participation prize for everyone else.


Razigs Revenge is an allowable army.


Freelance armies are allowable armies, but they may not contain more than 2 Adept choices total.


If anyone has any questions they can contact me via PM, [email protected], or call Reaper at 940-484-6464


The phone number to the Asylum is 940-484-9512 and its hours are Fri 4pm-8pm and Sat 10am-6pm

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Don't think I'll be able to make this one. That's too bad, I put together a pretty good 1,000 pt. army the other day when me and my wife played.


No good... I've got my 997 point list... dunno that it's any good, but it's a list... feh

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