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Gauntfield came out and I loved the miniature so much that I decided to play whatever army Gauntfield landed in. When the core rules came out I read his and Azarphan's backstory and went WOW! The MAV 8 was a happy add-on.


And for the rest of them

Overlords (Reaper really nailed the Lawful Evil Society with them, Ashkyrpt and Andras miniatures rock)

Crusaders (One must repect ones enemy, haven't seen a bad sculpt yet)

Nefsokar (The Sculpts are great)

Reven (No-More-Thugs, and I love it)

Moonscar Court (Great Fluff)

Reptus (Great Models, my opinion will probably improve when their backstory is available)

Dwarves (How couldn't love the rugged bricks?)

Razig's Revenge (Great Backstory, my opinion will probably improve when more models are available)

Mercenaries (Possibilities are endless with these guys)

Elves (no true dislike here, I just prefer the other models)

Darkspawn (eh)

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Top Posters In This Topic

On appearence alone:

:wub: Reptus and Nefsokar

:down: Darkspawn and Dwarves


On Fluff and story:

:wub: Necropolis and Reptus

:down: Mercenary and Reven


On Playability/Enjoyment:

:wub: Necropolis and Reptus

:down: Elves and Overlords

(as a side note, I haven't played a totally Mecenary force yet and never played darkspawn)


Despite how little I like orcs in general (sorry Spike) I think Reaper did a much better job than anyone else at making them a little more than "those annoying brutes" that find their way into wargames. In Warlord, they are at least a society with purpose and story (even if its a lame story). Kudos to all Reaper peeps on such a great game!!!! ::D:

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I like alot of the models from all the factions except for Neskofar, that factions just does nothing for me. My hands down favorite are the Dwarves, all except the shieldmaidens, which were a huge and utter disappointment. If I had the money I would own many of the models despite the fact that I am planning to play Dwarves and Necropolis.



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I like the Crusaders. In most mini-games I know, I tend to like those of the holy orders. In Confrontation, it's the Griffins. In War Machine, it's the worshippers of Menoth. I like some of the larger sculpts, especially the recent guardian beast. The celestial lion is simple, but a good figure.


The Necropolis has the simplicity of being undead. Skeletons are easy to paint. there are some great large figures like the bone horror and grave elemental.


Mercs I like on princible. I'm waiting for the Black Legionaires to get some Warlord sculpts as I'm curious what they're "official" stance and paintjobs will be. I also like the lupins, and some of the other early figures that fell into the mercenary camp by default.

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My favorite is the Nefsokar. I guess I'm wierd like that. Especially now that the Khamsin units are starting to appear.


I like that Warlord's Orcs are not the run-of-the-mill WAAGGHH! Orks I've grown to hate. They have a culture beyond that of stompin' tuh 'oomies.


The Overlord models look awesome to me. Even before I started collecting Faction-specific armies I was drooling over Andras and the Warriors.


The Reptus models look great, but the fluff just seems a little bland. Same with the Dwarves and Crusaders.


I want to like the Darkspawn, really I do. It's a fine attempt to get out of the Dark Elf motif that I've seen way too much of, but meh.


The Elves...I've never liked Elves too much. But that's just a personal preference. The swear jar nearly overflowed when I first found out about their extended volley radius.

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Reptus: They've got that "We were here 1st, so bugger off" thing going on that Elves usually have. And the tibetian feel/style they have going on makes them more more than just Lizardfolk/Dragonkin knockoffs. And there's not enough good things that can be said about Chaz's sculpts in this line. They're a challange to paint. But man, when you're done with 'em, they're sweet.
I have to agree with this, inperticular the last statment. Though it somewhat lacking i like the fluff, it gives them a worrior monk kind of feel to there society. There going to kill any warmblood that stands in there way, and enjoy it, but it's all in the name of there beliefs. The fluff also seems to point to a rift in the societies higher powers (the temples) forming, as some believe that it is not yet the time for war but still a time for peace. This gives the whole reptus society some mortality that all races need.


sorry if i went a little to indepth this is what happens if you have "Keno" as a teacher for the entire 9-10 manditory history course


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