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Will this work?


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Ever since I asked the best way to go about painting my DOOM bordgame minis, I'v been mulling it over in my head. The minwax dip method sounds neat but I not sure if that is exactly the way I want to go. So I'm reading the rule book for the DOOM bordgame and I realize that the color of the figures are important. If the red Marrine is not being used by the players then the Red critters can not be used by the invader player. Now I know its all just about game ballence. They are just trying to keep the invader player from sending out three Techno Demons against one Marrine. It would just be a matter of limiting the figgures in play. But at the same time I like the idea of the critters collor beinng represented.


Two ideas have come to mind. First idea is simple and I'm sure to do this in addition to anything else I come up with. Keep the figgures base its origional collor. Simple and eligant. The next idea I may not be ready for as a novice. Paint the critters using a pallet that compliments the collor. So your blue Techno Demons and red Techno Demons would be painted the same way but with red and blue accents and highlights. I like the idea but for some reason this seems a bit too ambitious. So today I came up with a third idea.


Paint all the criters and marrines the same leaving the bases the origional collor. Simple. Then go over the job with a single coat of figgure flat. OK, so far so good. Then get one tube each of cheap hobby paints you get at Hobby Lobby for each collor. Make a very watered down wash out of them and dip. The effect, I hope, would be the collor getting down into the crevises like your basic minwax dip. It may even slightly change the hue of the figure to its apropiat collor. This way you would get the best of both worlds. A nicely painted figgure and a clear representation of the critters collor. It may even make the game bord more interesting to look at with three sets of the same minis painted some what differently. They would not be clones. After the wash I would ether hit them with a mat or gloss finnish or do the minwax dip with a clear instead of a tranclusiant finnish.


So what do you guys think? Is it doible?

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Simple is always better; I would just leave the bases the original color. If you do the dip, it's so subtle compared to the bases, and it's extra work. It will either end up being so sublte that it's pointless, or so heavy that it will make it not look as good; with red or blue shading. I don't think it will add much myself and if done wrong might end up ruining the paint job.


Is it doable, yes, is it worth doing, I wouldn't.


My 3 cents.

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All your ideas are doable.


First idea is good. Fast, simple, and you'll always be able to figure out what colour each demon is quickly.


Your second idea is imo, the best for a novice. It'll challenge you enough to paint distinct colors neatly on the figs - be it chest armor or demon skin or marking tattoos, etc. It's not as ambitious as you might think.


Third idea is most work, most ambitious, but is quite interesting actually. The subtle effect would be nice to look at, but very hard to get right and you will run the risk of mucking up a good paint job if your wash/dip is not thin enough. I would definitely NOT use cheap hobby paints for doing something like this, the pigment size is prolly too big and grainy to look good. I'm thinking thinning artist's inks or even GW inks for this type of clear glaze. You'd want a subtle colouring effect, but not like you threw coloured sand all over the mini and hoped for the best. :poke:

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