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02648: Schumacher, Ranger


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Took me a bit to get around to taking pics of this and getting it posted, but it's such a nice piece and I wanted to be sure to get it right (still a bit shaky with the camera, but I think the pics came out fairly good). This was my Christmas gift from Ana and I truly love it!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!





Close-up of Schumacher



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He is fantastic! Steve bought that model a looong time ago when we first discovered Reaper. He thought it was a very "Aragornly" ranger. I like how he seems to be kneeling and looking for tracks or trail-sign.


So... does your model by chance profess to being a pickpocket too? *giggles*


Ana..you are AWESOME! I look forward to seeing you in our local paint contest here at the end of January.

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The figure is excellent.

The tree though could use a bit more different nuances to the brown. My guess is it's made in coloured Fimo or Sculpey and not painted. Coloured clays get a nice luster if you paint on top of them with EXTREMELY deluted colours - just enough to highlight and bring forth the original colour of the clay.

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