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I've got toons on almost every server, because I'm a character generation junkie. These days you'll most likely find me playing one of my two villains, either Cap'n Giggles (the ninja summoning pirate who is now proudly a member of Dark Reapers), or Dr. Leningrad (Pinnacle Brute). My global handle is Arrobot 2006.

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Well, my play time is split between myself and my wife, so it's sporadic as well


Typically, Weeknights form 9p-11p CST

Saturdays from 10a-2p CST

Sundays all day unless the Family needs me or her.


It'll be one or the other of me or my wife on. I'll see about adding everybody I haven't added yet.


I also have a villain on Pinnacle - the Vladivostok Horror 7 DOM. She's par tof a Soviet themed SG - The Russian Front.


This is precisely why when building my new computer I built my wife a new computer.

Now my computer is MY computer. :lol:


Get two accounts and bad a bing, $30 dollars a month but what else can you and your wife do for entertainment that's that cheap? (don't answer that, family boards. :lol: )

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Missed this thread until now. I'm one of those who got sucked up by an MMO and have yet to lose interest. CoH/CoV is fun for me because of no phat lewt, just the excitement of a good fight and great team combat effects. And you can always put it down and play another day if you get too busy.


My global is @Lycaeus, and my primary server is Freedom. Have alts all over the various servers, but probably won't have time to branch out and play them regularly. If any of you need an influence or infamy hit on Freedom, just contact me, have one char max'ed out on either side.


I'll see if I find the Reaper peeps on Virtue this weekend, have a ninja mm Master Sing Song in the pre-teen levels.

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