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Painting Dragon Strike


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You guys are going to love this.


Many years ago befor I knew I was going to get into painting miniatures I bought Dragon Strike by TSR. It was a good deal. You got a great game and a lot of minis you could use in your D&D game. Lots of other stuff too. I eventualy desided to paint the figures.


Now the game has some inconsistancies. Monsters that apear in the video but not the game and vice versa. Pictures of the minitures that did not look like the ones in the game. Stuff like that. I was willing to overlook it. Did not spoil the game. In fact I went out and found miniatures to add to the game so the Minoture, the Clearic, and the Owl Bear could be represented. BTW - The Owl Bear is Reaper even though its a bit big.


The next problem I ran into was the sculpts. At a glance they look fine. But the detail is not so good. Imagion getting a box of WotC's D&D minis unpainted. :wacko: Thats what I had to deal with. But not to worry. I saw it as a challange to paint in or around the missing detail.


So after a month in December of not painting from being sick and my new full time possition, I picked up painting them again. Just got through painting the female theif (Why is there a male AND female theif mini but no clearic at all?). I have two more heros left, wizard & elf, to be finnished and I can move on to painting my additions. I was looking forward to painting the wizard as it looked like one of the more detailed figures in the set.


So I'm looking at the Wizard. I'm comparing the Wizards picture from the video and the figure to decide exactly what colors I want to use when I notice something. Something I can not belive I never noticed befor. The figure is in a standard wizarding possition. Right hand outstreched and left hand above the head in your basic 'I'm casting a spell' possition. But on closer examination I notice 'Hey, he has a staff'. leaning against his torso looking sort of like its a part of the folds of his robes is his staff. Kind of cool except how is he supposed to cast spells with out it falling over? Well first off it seems to be straped in his belt but just to be sure it stays in place there is something inconspicuasly reaching out of the folds of his robes. Its a third hand!


:lol: Now thats magic!


Its a good thing I have a since of humor. It looks to me that the sculpter origionaly intended to have the wizards left arm to the side with the hand gripping the top. But that was not a dramatic enough pose casting a spell one handed. Rather than start over again, the sculpter straped it to a belt and tried to pass his third hand off as a fancy grip. Thats what I intend to do. Its no big deal. I just thought I'd share.


Hope I get these finnished today.

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Done! Just have to add a mat finnish and I can put them away.


But now what? I was going to paint a minotaur, a cleric, and a Reaper Owl Bear to add to the game. But I'm getting tired of dealing with board games with plastic minis. I still have Hero Quest, DOOM, and Decent to go. But I think I need a break. I think I'm just going to go through my minis and just do something fun.


I may do the Owl Bear just for fun. I see the Owl Bear in gray and pink. Kind of like the one in the back of Keep on the Border Lands.


Or perhaps I should start on my Darkspawn. I'v got some neat ideas for them.


I don't know. Its something to think about.

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