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A Battle for the Ages

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This report would never come close to fitting into 1000 characters, and was just too damned good not to report in it's entirety. If you thought the battle between me, Darthiir and Storminator was brutal...just read on. This is long, so apologies if you don't like to read.


The final battle for the Warlord Campaign played at the Wizard's Tower. Curadhan and Lady Taryn were both playing for the win. The attack was on a territory owned by Lady Taryn. If Curadhan won, he would take the territory from Lady Taryn and win the campaign. If Lady Taryn won, she would maintain her territory and win the campaign. If I won, it gets really ugly and I think it becomes a 2 way tie for 1st and I came in 2nd, although it could be a three way tie now for first as well. Unfortunately, I barely lost the other deciding battle against Storminator and Darthiir, else I would have also been playing for total campaign victory.


It was a 1000 battle. Nefsokar, Elves and Reven. Nefsokar came with superior numbers (3 troops w/ 30 models and a totem of battle, but no ranged troops or casters), the Elves brought 6 archers, Prince Danithal loaded to the gills with equipment, Ardynn with a full complete of spells and buffers, and another troop of Meridh and Vale Warriors. I brought a lonely 10 models - Varuag the Great, Ombur, 5 Bull Orc Warriors and 3 Bull Orc Archers. My boys had equipment up the wazoo and were my Guard Roster.


The board had quite a bit of terrain, making use of roads, rough terrain, wooded areas and a number of buildings both intact and ruins. Despite the terrain, there was a number of open firing lanes since it was a 4x6 table.


The battle started off with Reven activating, moving and trying to get in position to fire on the Elven archers sitting in an exposed area. Unfortunately, range was short by about 3-5 inches, but at least there was a range now. Warriors moved in the shield the archers, knowing the Elves would be able to move and counter attack. Nefsokar next activated and brought one troop of Anubis Guards and mummies towards the Reven forces and next activation moved another troop towards the backside of the Elven army. Elves activated and all six archers shifted, lined up the Bull Orcs, and rained down on them, dropping one warrior and one archer. Ardynn shifted to keep an eye on Nefsokar approaching their flank and the Vale Warriors moved there on their activation as well.


Next activation, the Reven went first, archers fired through the gap left by their downed warrior, dropped two elven archers, and then ran for cover. Varaug ran over and tried to revive the fallen archer, but Warcry and Tough checks failed. Fortunately, there was also about 5 inches of rough terrain separating the Nefsokar forces and the unprotected Leader. The fallen Orc was bandaged by Ombur and they likewise shifted for cover behind a low wall. On the other side of the table, Ardynn launched a Fireball into the midst of the Nefsokar, but only managed to drop 3, and all but one made tough checks and remained on the field. Archers also shifted to try and take out the approaching Nefsokar units.. Elven Vale warriors moved into screen Ardynn and the Nefsokar troops moved up to engage. The Anubis Guard troop near Varaug opted not to cross the rough terrain after him, and instead went around to move in to engage the remaining Reven troops. The other Nefsokar troop moved towards the middle of the field, unsure yet where to go.


Reven went first again. The archers shifted from their cover and picked off two more Elven Archers, and prayed the other two failed to retaliate. The other troops all charged at the advancing Nefsokar and in an absolute bloodbath took out the entire troop but the one model they could not attack. One orc fell to defensive strikes. Nefsokar and elves continued to battle it out across the board with fairly even results, although Nefsokar toughness and numbers were winning that battle. Back to the side of the Reven, despite luck across the board, the Nefsokar had horrible luck with their Tough checks and all models but 2 died. Seeing the numbers dwindling, the rearguard Crossed Death's River and readied to engage the Orcs.


Elves and Nesfokar continued the war of attrition on the opposite side of the table with no side really winning until Prince Danithal came out of cover and opted to start engaging in cleanup with his jacked weapon. Reven activated. The archers, not being able to get clean shots on their elven counterparts or the mage, fired into the convenient space left by their fallen comrade and were able to pick off one tomb guard. Ombur attempted to bandage the fallen man, but Sokar’s touch prevented him, and he failed his tough check. At this point, it was 3 Orc Warriors and Varaug against the Nefsokar Capt, the Chosen of Sokar, and about a half dozen Tomb guards with some Herdsmen in support. Orcs attacked, and were not able to fell the Hero or Captain, but did manage to take out more Tomb guards and an Anubis Guard. Defensive strikes were had, but the orcs stood tough. Then the Nefsokar activated, but Varaug slew the Chosen of Sokar thanks to Bonesplitter the Axe of Garauga, and although the Orcs were decimated, they managed to take a few more Nefsokar with them to hell.


Nefsokar and elves continued to turn their corner of the battle field into a bloody mess, with many models felled, but few dying. Ardynn was staggered at this point and stood back to let the Vale Warriors and Archers reduce the mass of Nefsokar. On the other side, Reven were lucky and received first activation. The Archers picked off the two Herdsman giving support to the Captain and then moved back into cover as it appeared the Elves had finally wrested control of that corner of the table. Ombur cast Part on the 4 remaining Tomb guards and was able to shove two of them far enough away that they were not much of a threat. Varaug and the now one remaining Bull Orc Warrior turned the Nefsokar captain into a bloody pulp, hitting with all five shots. The counter attack missed. The Tomb Guards and Herdsman swarmed Varaug, but he eliminated them with defensive strikes. The Elven archers were able to position themselves to start taking potshots at the Reven troops in the open, but were unable to successfully hit them.


The battle was now Varaug and Ombur untouched, 2 Bull Orc Archers, and one Bull Orc Warrior against Ardynn on his last track, and untouched Danithal 2 Elven archers and a Vale warrior.


Elven archers, seeing the Reven lurking nearby, attempted to move behind a tower in order to avoid their fire, but one could not make it. Danithal ran to the woods for cover, and the warrior and Ardynn attempted to hide behind a building to be screened. One Bull Orc Archer left cover and picked off the Elven Archer in the open while the Reven models moved towards the road to reach the Elves faster.


The remaining Elven archer than shifted out of cover to pick off Varaug, and hit. Ardynn moved forward preparing to cast a spell but it fell short, and the Vale archer moved in front to try and screen him. In retaliation, the Bull Orc archer moved up and tried to shoot Ardynn back, but missed, as did the other Bull Orc Archer shooting at the elven archer. Varaug, Ombur and the other warrior however charged in and pinned the elf against the wall.


The boys slaughtered the poor elven archer and them moved onto the road to prepare to charge the mage and Danithal, meanwhile the Orc archers shifted and once again missed Ardynn and the Vale warrior despite only needing next to nothing to hit. Ardynn moved and launched a Fireball right into Varaug and left him singed and really angry.


The Archers countered and missed again. Varaug and the boys moved closer. Danithal came out of hiding, and slaughtered the Archer, but could not cdg him. Ardynn launched an Ice Shard at Varaug and now the big boy was on his last legs, and wishing Ombur had saved those Bandages. The Bull Orc Archer not only made his tough check, but also his discipline check, disengaged and dropped the Vale warrior. The Orc warrior charged down the road and stood there waiting to kill.


Danithal slaughtered the Bull Orc Archer where he stood and Ardynn swung at the Warrior but missed, only to be felled by his defensive strike. Then the Reven activated. The warrior immediately performed a cdg on both Models and Danithal was all alone against Varaug on his last legs, Ombur, a warrior and an Archer. Varaug and Ombur moved in to engage Danithal, hoping to drop him or at least seriously wound him before dying. Ombur cast Quick Strike, so Varaug was able to make 8 attacks against Danithal. In a very poor tactical decision since his DV was 8, and Danithal had a MAV 7, Varaug neglected to Fully Enrage and missed all 8 shots. Danithal stood it all and slaughtered both Varaug and Ombur.


Next turn. Reven first. Varaug rose again. Fully raged and swung at Danithal and missed, again getting slaughtered by the Warlord. The Bull Orc archer charged in and kicked Varaugs body out of the way, sacrificing himself, but Danithal broke b2b and killed Varaug instead.


Then it was Danithal untouched against the Archer and a Warrior and good money was on Danithal at this point. The archer adopted the run and gun approach of the elves and booked, having the better movement thanks to the surviving warrior being the musician. Pot shot after pot shot had the archer nibble away at Danithal, despite being engaged twice, but not able to be killed. Each time, the Archer got up, broke base to base, moved away and shot Danithal again. Danithal decided enough was enough, and on his 2nd to last track, retreated to the woods more than 2 inches in. Archer and Warrior said screw and moved to surround the woods and prepare to either kill or be killed. The Warrior held back outside of the woods, but the Archer stepped into the woods within 2 inches and whiffed. Danithal, waiting for this and smelling death, moved in and slaughtered the archer, but could not cdg. The Orc went down fighting and hit Danithal, bringing him down to his last DT. It all came down to the activation...


Reven first!!! The Bull Orc Archer rose again from the dead, made his discipline check and since Danithal was now on the edge of the woods, moved exactly 5 and change inches away and shot the elf square in the face, felling him. The Warrior raced in and made sure the Elven Prince never rose again.


This battle was just as exciting as my fight with Storminator and Darthiir 2 weeks earlier, but this time, with a couple models against the Warlord, I managed to pull off the victory.

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This was my Guard roster for the Warlord Campaign that needed to include a Warlord. I hadn't purchased many Goblin units (Noghra Warriors and Rangers) when we first started the campaign other than Neek, the Skeeters and the Beastriders, and have only recently assembled enough to start fielding them, so I haven't had a chance to really work out the kinks in playing them.


Besides, in a 1000 point army consisting of one troop of 10 models. Warcry, Enrage and Tough are vitally important as the report showed.


Don't worry, there will be lots of goblins in my future.

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Besides, in a 1000 point army consisting of one troop of 10 models. Warcry, Enrage and Tough are vitally important as the report showed.


:blink: No Reven book here, but I thought Enrage was for the Bull Orc list only? Or did you guys play without the faction books or something? Or am I in need of Ginkobiloba for my memory? Or am I just being stoopid?


Edit: Looking back over the thread, maybe you said you did play all orcs...

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Bull Orc Archers, Bull Orc Warriors, Varaug, Ombur Skulltooth. All Tomukh. Every model slew far more than their own points. Hell my 70 point Bull Orc Archer killed a 400+ point Prince Danithal by hisself. :devil:


I actually only used Warcry once and it failed (Sokar sucks!)and my one attempt at Enrage also whiffed completely. So I guess, it really didn't make much of a difference anyways.

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