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Kit rocks


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Top Posters In This Topic

Kit Pierce. The benevolent founder of this feast. Uber-coder. Mouse-slinger extraordinaire. The guy who keeps this zoo and the Store up and running despite our best attempts to crash it. :lol:



EDIT: Heck of a musician, singer and all around nice guy too.

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The forum you see before you was the brainchild of Kit. As I recall, it was he who approached Ed Pugh (the Genius That Is Reaper) with the idea of a forum where the Reaper Junkies (us) can come, post, share ideas, and give customer feedback.


That little idea snowballed to the point that the forums are now considered an integral part of the business. If it wasn't for the forums, there would be no ReaperCon (since the idea blossomed here, instigated, IIRC, by lstormhammer).


Now Kit has three little ones (two born since the birth of the forums - and Bennett is THE Miracle Baby), and about four+ different websites he manages all by himself with some help from Mad Pat. Without the other moderators (Ladystorm, lstormhammer, Frosch, and the others who's names I cannot recall but don't think we don't appreciate what you do) I don't think he would be able to do it all. How he manages what he does is nothing short of amazing.


And he still finds time to chat with the forumites (and assist them in their various computer programming attempts), upkeep the boards, and spend time with his family.


He needs a shirt with a cape with Sophie wrapped around a giant K so he can show the world he is SuperKit, man of computer $k1zz|3$.


You should have seen the website the way it was before... all green and white, hard to navigate, no forums, hard to find stuff. I'm glad I stuck with checking the site every now and then and thus discovered the forums when the website changed.


Kit is Da Man!

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