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14029: Razig, Undead Pirate Lord


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Yeah, yeah... I know... I know. I've been long absent. My bad, sorry I haven't been in touch (man do I feel guilty!)


So... long story short:


My wife and I had a baby, and things got really busy at home with the baby (which prevented long stretches of paint-time). I got a promotion at work (yeah), and I got really busy at the office (normal forum browsing time)... So, yeah, I've been lurking for a while... I can come up with some more excuses if needed ::D:


Anyway. My wife looks at me last week and says "Go up to the attic, you've barely painted in months". After some sputtering from me about baby and responsability, and such, I go upstairs and spend 2 hours cleaning up a few minis (ahh... the hum of a dremel to calm the nerves :;): ), then pick up a few figures that I started... well... a while ago, at least.


14029: Razig, Undead Pirate Lord


A little of this, a little of that... some NMM, some metallics, and a pre-cast base that I found a year or two ago, and have been itching to use... Not bad for a 6 month hiatus, if I do say so myself:








Sooo... tear her up, folks... I deserve it!

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What I like...

the first thing that caught me was the blue coat. Nice color.. drew my eye well. Good highlights.

Next up was the skull... wonderful job... very creepy... nice colors...

then the scabard... wow... love that brown and gold...nice blending there.

And of course that is a really cool base.

What I'm not too keen on...

The sword in his left hand... kinda plain...

The red belt... way bold... too bold...


Excllent job on this one... I'm hoping to start it soon and hope I can do as nice a job as you have.


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Very, VERY nice. This sculpt has always given me fits. I have always wanted to like it but couldn't bring myself to until now. I feel the need to paint more. (6 minis in 7 days- nearly 4 hours apiece and I want more? I must be crazy!!!)


Keep up the good work!


Welcome back, we missed you.


*SLAP!!!* Thats for being gone so long ::D:


(congrats on the baby!)

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Very nice job. You do good work on the skeletal and metal parts. The blue is outstanding. I'm not sure I like that red, it seems a bit bright for this mini. Also the hair seems a bit grainy, but it could just be my monitor.


The base is awesome.




PS: And congratulations on the new mini. I hope that he/she is doing well.

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Yeah, yeah... I know... I know. I've been long absent. My bad, sorry I haven't been in touch (man do I feel guilty!)


no guilt needed, welcome back.


A shoe in for what?


On Reaper Games (reapergames.com), registered members (registration if free) can submit pictures of their painted models. If accepted the member earns points to alter the Balance of Power Map. RGames is the Online Gaming Center for all of Reaper's games. Go give it a look if you get a chance.



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I looooove this model i think its the bees knees.... anyway i myself have one painted up as well ill have to show you sometime, anyway i like the fact that you mainly chose the colours of the french navy blue but i must agree with others the red sash too much it takes away from other beautiful parts of this model and lastly black birds like the one on his shoulder (in my interpretatin its a raven or crow of some sort) should have a black beek not yellow though i like the effect, however have you thought of possibly making it tukan sam??? anyway have a good one there dude



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