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Jungle Terrain on the Cheap

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Ok, I admit this is a bit of a teaser, since I'm not sure if you can find the product in your own countries. Here in bright, balmy and currently WET Singapore, there's a huge store that sells all kinds of stuff at 2 dollars each - called Daiso, it imports it all from Japan.


Should you wander through similar stores, check out your gardening section and see if you can find something that looks like the photo below, a somewhat smaller-than-volleyball-sized bunch of artificial plants. The Japanese make and export the craziest things...From the picture on the label, you're evidently supposed to just put it in a pot and have it look decorative.


The moment I saw it, I thought JUNGLE!!! Probably could clip off bits of it or something. Got home to investigate my spoils, and it didn't even need cutting, you could pull clumps off.


The leafy bits are attached to a round plastic base which needs a bit of artful camouflage (you can see one not well-hidden in the pic below). They're a little tall, one stand reaches up to a 28mm fig, so it's better suited to squad-type sci-fi wargames when you can explain away not-to-scale stuff as "alien foliage."


But I've never seen anything that made my table look so good for so little effort before. Had to share. ::P:



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This stuff is great... I attach it to bases/terrain using custom made florist wire pins:


Florist wire twisted in a spiral with a tiny nub pointing up. Something attachable to most bases. After attaching it to the base, cover it up with texturing of your choice & paint...


Like the attached image:



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Cool stuff. I had plans for jungle terrain, after I finish my town, and the desert terrain for Nefsokar, and the mine shaft in the mountains, and ... I will probably never get to it. But thanks for sharing.

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Ok, so were you ever able to have someone translate what the label says to know who the manufacturer of those things are? Daiso the store doesnt help me...


Even things like model numbers, serial numbers, anything that I might be able to plug into Google to help find them...

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