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So, who's going?


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Great to hear it Qwyk! Now if you somehow manage to make the trip to visit the inlaws with the new baby June 29th-July 2nd, that would be quite awesome too (hint: O.i.i.s) ::D:



Well, signs point to a very likely Origins appearance for me too. I talked to my wife about it. She was okay with the idea. We usually go camping with her sister and the kids around 4th of July weekend, so there was a question of if we would miss it. She then mentioned it to her mom.


Mother-in-law's response:

"What? What kind of choice is there? Driving or flying? That should be the only choice. Which weekend is that again, I'm putting it on the calendar now. I think it's great for both of you to be able to come out and do this. Michael loves playing with his friends (it's become the euphemism for my wife and her mom to describe my gaming). You can both come out to visit, and if he can do it at the same time. So, how long will you be staying?" ::D:


So, looks like Ohio wins out ::D:

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Looks like I'm going. Of course, none of you know me (as far as I know), so that probably doesn't mean much to any of you. :lol: But I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of you and having a good time. It'll be my first ReaperCon, so if anyone can give me an idea what to expect (during and after hours) I'd be grateful.




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...and to add to the whoohoooeyness of it all, there is a strong chance that the games-dept and GM of our friendly local Hobbytown USA might be roadtrippin' out to Texas with us!


Denton will never be the same again!

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