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So, who's going?


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I'll be there! Hubby is giving me the trip as a gift. Well, the travel expenses and such. I just need to convince him to finance my assault on the Asylum...


Here's what I've signed up for. Depending on what additional classes are offered, if any, I've got room in my schedule. One thing I learned at RAC was not to pack the day too full.



Details - Fri. 3 to 5 PM



Shaded Metallics - Sat. 10 to 12 AM



Conversions - Sat. 3 to 5 PM



Good Fast Painting - Sun. 12 to 2 PM


I don't have anything by Jester in the mix so I'm eyeing that possibility. I do have a couple from IXMinis and one from Werner. Like I was going to pass up the opportunity to learn from them!


I decided against the dragon session because I'm hoping it will be offered again at RAC. And I've got lots more small figs to paint than dragons.

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Well, this year I think we should "up" the wound ante just a bit... How about a paintbrush in the eye? a broken leg? accident with a bottle of Nair in lieu of shampoo?


Ooooh - The broken leg is a high possibility considering that the county has just installed a several hundred foot tall antenna about 50 feet away from Reaper HQ's front door... although it should be fenced in by then...

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