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Treeman (WIP)

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My apologies for the sux pictures, but I'm not too good with the old digital camera. I'll try and get some better ones but for now this'll have to do (it's the evening and no decent lighting here atm).


Basically, I am in much love with trees and upon seeing the new GW treeman, I had an idea for a character for my campaign setting. An evil tree! Well, actually, a lich imprisoned in a tree who just took over the tree entirely.


Anyway! the idea was to give the tree a slightly undead look, which is what I attempted with the branchy ribs. Not so sure how it worked out, but I'm no expert with the old green stuff.


I'll try and get some better pictures tommorow, but this should give you an idea of what I'm trying to do. Any suggestions would be cool.


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A weeping willow seems to be, in my mind, the scariest of all tree species, but it would be a modeling nightmare. I would suggest that you maybe give it a hanging or drooping sadnesswith it's arms and a saggy face puttied into the trunk. Think like the lich for a moment. You now have eternal life..............................in a tree's body. That's gotta hurt.

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