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In Progress shots of Kyra and Lavarath


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Okay... so, lets try posting this again (weird board crash, right after along post is bad!)


Tonight I got some painting done, thanks to my wife's knitting night, and the obsession that this figure has become. I did manage to get some more done on the rider. Since the base coat is done, I worked on my first layer of higlights. I'm trying the whole non-metal highlights over metallic for the armor (it can really make the edges 'pop' some times). A lot of people don't like the look, but I think it's neat (and that's all that matters).



I'm starting to have second thoughts about the color scheme at this point... all that blue... Kyra could get lost, and look washed out. I think it's time for a test fit, especially since I had to replace the sword at her hip. I lost the original during assembly (knocked it off the desk, and it dissapeared into the carpeting). I replaced it with one that I had hanging around the bits box.



I worked on the teeth, talons, and scales a bit next... and, since she looked so good up there, I inserted the pin and glued Kyra to Lavarath's back. Yeah, I know... I should have left them apart until the end, but I was getting a bit discouraged with the monotony of the scalework, and I wanted to see some progress. Sometimes you need to do something stupid to get the juices flowing! Once she was glued in place, I did some work on the saddle... Bronze for the metal parts, and the RMS 'Midnight Blue' to 'Snow Shadow' triad for the pillow parts...



After that it was just a matter of hitting all of the steel parts with some Silver paint along the edges, and get Kyra's sword started (and eventually done!) Now that I'm getting closer, the time is flying. It doesn't seem like such a big project, just lots of little things to do. I'm really letting the miniature 'guide' me at this point. Paint a little, sit back and see what's left, paint some more, etc...



So. I finish the sword, hit Kyra with a few more highlights (I took the pillow part of the saddle up to titanium white), and I'm pretty near done. The only major part to do is the banner... and, man, do I hate freehand. Mainly, because I'm no good at it.



I think I'll spend tomorrow brainstorming about that banner, then give it a shot on Friday.


Pretty sharp so far, eh?

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Okay... last piece. I knew from the start that the banner would be the weakest part of the model... I'm no good at freehand, and I knew that going into it. I chose to go with a very simple design, and outlined it in black... it didn't come out too terribly, so I guess I did okay!




I'm gonna consider this sucker DONE. Glue 'em to the base, and we're set. For a whole lot of pictures of the final piece, check out this thread: Topic 19669


Thanks for all the input, everyone. This was a fun project for me.

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