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WotC 3E Cleric


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I seem to have been among the few who actually liked the metla WotC minis, though they did slide downhill when they were trying to pump out the Chainmail minis. Anyway more attempts at white, and this time I also tried some shading metallics on his scale mail. Didn't work out as well as I hoped, but looks better than a drybrush IMO.



Still need to base this guy too. I forgot to mention that I also tried my hand at washing/inking the flesh. IT met with marginal result as well.



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Isn't this mini turned into rubber for the D&D Miniature miniatures?


You know, I wonder where you can get those old, metal D&D minis. Iron Wind Metal?


Anyway, it looks good, altho I think a little pattern on the white cloth would add some contrast, like red stripes to complement the club handle. :)

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