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Dark Angel Commander


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I can see the dark green, but yeah, either work with the white balance on your camera or autolevel the pic in photoshop (or whichever program you use). Looks pretty solid, only suggestion I'd make is to hit a couple of spots with the gold to highlight after washing it. The wash gave it a good aged look, but a couple of hotspots would make a big difference.

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He looks great. If you wanted to drive all the way to raleigh NC and paint the rest of my space marines I wouldn't mind. I'll even buy you some lunch.


I especially like the static grass on the base. That doesn't look like the GW blend (I don't see any red grass in it) and I greatly prefer whatever it is that you are using.






I can see all the green just fine. It is just really dark, because it is dark angels green. That color is like the green version of navy blue, so dark that it is almost black.


Nice job Vinny.

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Now what is a dark angel doing with an Iron Hands shoulder pauldron? The GW gestapo has been notified, please remain where you are. ;)


I really like it, great job. I second the comment about color balancing.


Nice job with the insignia on the shoulder - did you paint over the decal or what? It's really flat in comparison with the rest of the shoulder pad (rather than having that bit of gloss.

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