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Tal Quazar - Live at Last!


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So, if you recall this thread : Tal Quazar, the Spider King, Bad Pics o/t Spider Centaur Conversion, then you might recognize this beast for what it is. It's still not attached to the base yet (not sure if I will bother or not), and is a combo of the "Official Birthright Campaign Miniature" (by Ral Partha), the Reaper Spider Centaur (waaay cool model!) and the GW Lord of the Rings Gollum fig makes up his loyal henchman whom I have named "The Toad" (cuz that's basically what he is... just like that little rat that sat beside Jabba the Hutt. ::D: )


Anyway, here are the best pics I can get of this guy. (He doesn't want to focus properly). I think all told, this model took me 4 years to complete (including many many many months of sitting half converted on the table).


Comments appreciated.




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Looks nice.


He has a name you know. Salacious Crumb. :poke:


And he is definitely NOT a rat...


Salacious... I like that better than Toadie! Sounds like Delicious! Hehehe.... maybe a name change is in order! "I shall call him.... Selicious..." (taht way George can't get me for Copyright!) ::P:


He's on a CD base btw. The original plan was to use him as the Warlord for my Birthright goblin army (porting Warlord for use with the Birthright Campaign ala Frosch and his Moonscar Court, but haven't even started stating anything out yet. Maybe one day...)

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