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Aedui, Wood Elf

Stern Kestrelmann

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Yes, I painted the sisters together. Aedui was probably one of the most difficult models I've ever attempted. Between her tricky assembly and wild action pose (i.e. lots of tough painting angles), she kept me guessing all the way. Still, I think she turned out well.









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Man, I love both of these models... your color choices for both of them are spot on, and as usual, your 'oh so smooth' skin tones are 'oh so smooth'. That really works with this mini.


My only real probem with it is the quality of the picture ::P:

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Out of the pair, this one's my favorite, bro! The things I said about the other one with the sword apply to this one (Darker shading on the NMM, contrasting hair-color, etc, etc), except the part about the lips. You nailed the face on this one! I'm in complete shock of how much this one reminds me of my friend Lynn. The way you painted the face, the resemblence is uncanny.


I may have to pick up one of these and paint oine for her!


Again, Brutha-Stern. Awesome. You've come so far, man!

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Hey Stern,


Sorry for the late reply bro. I think you have done a great job on this model, in fact there is not a part I do not like. I have her sister and need to add this one to my collection. Now I have a guide for both of them. ::D:



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again that face is awesome


again great colors, really can see this just jumping out yah in a fantasy forest setting, wanna come paint my minis for me, ha ha (JK of course, then what the heck would I have to paint!!!)


awesome job as always.



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