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Campaign help in dire need


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I've planed to start up a campaign at the local gaming club but the rules are a touch confusing and lacking a bit here, there and well everywere. so i seached the forums and found two that seemed to focus on the topic, one settled a little about reanfocements, while the other brourt up some good questions but no one replied. So i've quoted the original post and decided to hold my questions untill some of these are ansered. So as not to overload too many people. i would also appreasiate people posting things they pic out as wrong as to solve as many problems with it as posable.


Once again, I am back to post more questions regarding the campaign rules in the back of the rulebook. These are in no particular order:


1) What is the process for "cashing out resources"? (ReaperBryan suggested this is a good victory condition in earlier threads. Do we count the gold values of our troops? Are troops with advancements worth more? Do we convert all resources to gold? or are gold, supply and power added together to get a total?)


2) Is a player considered to be playing a single faction (all elf or all dwarf, etc) based on the composition of their "guard" and "company" as defined in the campaign rules, or based on the composition of the force that is represented at the table during the specific battle.


3) Do models in the campaign have to be purchased as legal troops? (we had some people asking whether they could just buy a leader by itself. That way they could tool him up with hired mercenaries later)


4) Can models of different factions be in the same troop?


5) When a loot action is performed and a character's equipment is transferred to the looting opponent, does this mean that the original player no longer has that equipment and must repurchase it? What if it had been part of their "guard" and therefore was never paid for originally? Does it just magically reappear?


6) Do one-shot in-faction hired mercenaries join existing troops? If so, do these in-faction hired mercenaries gain the benefits of the existing units advancements? Does the existing troop gain advancement squares and circles from a battle in which they had in-faction hired mercenaries fighting with them? Is there a limit to how much of the troop can be hired... say less than 50% or something?


Hopefully someone in Warlord land knows the answers and can help us out!


Wild Bill



p.s. if this has already been brought up, can someone point me in the right direction. Many thanks

:grr: Hellsgate :grr:

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I have played ina campaign since then, and so has Storminator and Qwyksilver. They might jump in here as well and help answer some of the questions.


1) This can also be: What is the win condition? There is none specified in the rulebook. One can interpret that as "There can be only one.". Thus, you have to kill ALL of your opponents. Ouch. That can take a while. I would recommend first deciding on how many turns you will be playing. Then, I would say the winner is based upon how many ORIGINAL starting territories are held by a single player after the set amount turns. For example, if you play with the map given, everyone starts with 10 squares. If you agree to say 6 turns, after the 6th turn is over, if you own 35 squares, that's over half and you win. It seems like the best way to ensure combat. ::):


2) & 4) They are very similar in answer. If you play an all Crusader army, for example, in your Guard company, and Crusaders in your other troops, then you are a Crusader only faction. It states somewhere in the rules that taking Mercenaries DOES NOT eliminate faction specific abilities, like Mercy in my example. However, that doesn't mean you can't play Freelance. I had a player that did that. His army was very tough.


3) No, you can't just buy a leader model. However, if you buy the minimum (let's say it's 4 models), then you can flesh out the rest of the unit with mercs. Just be sure and mark it on your sheets what unit is getting mercs and all that!


5) You know, that never came up in our campaign, so I don't know an answer to that. :down:


6) Yes, mercs can join existing troops. No, they do not gain an experience bonuses from the existing troops' advancement ranks. And we played it such that the existing troops DO NOT gain experience because of the mercs' presence. We did that as a penalty to the player that choose to field mercs instead of "real" troops. :upside:


Hopefully this will help some!


Wild Bill :blues:

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We just wrapped up our campaign, so I can tell you what we did. It may not be by the book in some cases, but here it is.


1) We didn't do this at all. We went with control of the most Urban territories as our victory condition. I was very pleased with how this rule turned out, because if forced everyone to fight it out in the center of the map. In other words, I'm no help on this question.


2) We went with adhering to alignment restrictions for the entire guard/company force, and faction abilities based on what was in a particular battle. Remember that Merc units can be used in the campaign without loss of faction abilities.


3) We used legal troops as the smallest allowable unit of organization. No packs of soldiers without leaders, no leaders with no troops, no free floating elites to pop into any old company.


4) Yes. See #2


5) We didn't do equipment looting. In player vs player battles we had the victor roll on the combat table and just applied the loot part of the roll. So you just gain gold/power/supply/advancement.


6) No, mercs we hired Mercs in troop organization. All other questions are followups in the answer was 'yes,' which it wasn't. As an aside, I (and most of the other players) simply stopped counting up the advancement squares. It was too much of a pain.


I suppose I should probably post an entire campaign recap...



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