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Marshwalker question

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I never understood that penalty against people moving in the marsh.


1) They are suffering ZERO movement penalty. So, for all intents and purposes, it's like they are walking on normal ground. Hmmmm...so them moving slowly making easier targets is out.


2) One would also think that moving through marshy area you HAVE cover, not all of a sudden be a bigger target!!


I can understand giving a Marshwalker a +1 DV AGAINST shooting, but geez. +2 FOR the archers? That's harsh. In that case, if I'm playing Reptus, I NEVER want to see a marsh on the table! I'll avoid it. It'll cause me nothing but death!


Wild Bill :blues:

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Yeah that's the way I was looking at it too. The only advantage there is to use that movement to close quickly and take out the ranged attacks, but really that just means giving up the advantage of sweeping the formations because if you wait too long getting into position then you won't have a force left to worry about.

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I'm pretty sure that the modifiers still apply but I thought I'd ask here in case it comes up for others. Do models that have the SA marshwalker still suffer the +2 for ranged attacks against them when in marsh or bog terrain?


We've had a pow wow and come to the conclusion that models that are at home in a swamp setting would not suffer the penalties of being easier to hit due to being stuck in muck. Therefore we are going to add to the Marshwalker SA the following text and reprint the SA in the Reptus book


"Models conducting ranged attacks against models with the Marshwalker SA in marsh or bog terrain do not gain the normal +2 bonus.

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Oh boy , will this make Hellsgate happy ! :B):

We've always wondered how to use this ability properly and now it wont make my Ivy Crown Archers look as good ! :down: He might start winning some games now , thanks ! ::D:

Happy is not the word for it ::D::lol:^_^:wub:::o: (and any other emotacons the look happy). were getting the teraned bord out on sunday ::P: . though i think i'm going to have to make a bord with more than just a corner of marsh (eta. probable late 2008). though i now have a tacktic :bday:

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