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New browns are fun!


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I've had a couple of questions about the colors on this piece, and I will share. Apologies for big pictures.





I wanted to do an armored model with the NMM technique used by Dead Dogg on Brushthralls (http://www.brushthralls.com/BronzeNMM/index.php) but in a darker, more antique-copper tone. So:


1-Prime white.

2-Solid basecoat of Intense Brown.

3-Glaze with Blackened Brown.

4-Repeat glaze toward shadow areas. Glaze again and line with Brown Liner if desired.

5-Glaze with VMC German Uniform. RMS Highlands Moss gives almost exactly the same result.

6-Apply blue-green highlight. I think I mixed Ice Blue and a touch of Deep Ocean into the German Uniform.

7-Apply copper highlight. Tanned Skin + Intense Brown.

8-Final copper highlight. Tanned Skin.


The iron parts are done similarly with Aged Bone and Bone Shadow, grunged up with Ruddy Leather and a small amount of Aged Red Brick.


For the glazes I mixed paint with water, RMS flow improver, and a few drops of Vallejo Matte Varnish to a wash consistency. I don't have any true glaze medium handy right now but think it would probably work better.


I need to work more on distributing the oxidized areas more naturally--this turned out sort of random and covered more of the copper than I had really intended. (It's for eBay and not competition so I called it quits.) However, I like the color combo and will play with it again.


And yes, Anne, another miniature somehow turned out with purple and teal. ::P:


--Jen Haley

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Jen...Having delt with alot of metals and patinas, the oxidization on this looks very realistic and natural.

The green will not just show up where water rests but also blood. So the green on the shield seems to come mainly from battle splatters, whereas the green on the armor (arms specifically) would be where water or sweat has collected.


BTW WOW!!! :wub:

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*wets pants*


Very, very nice Jen.


Inspiring work as usual. This model is on my list of '"to do"... A rocking Klocke sculpt for sure.


Your version rocks. That NMM armor is hypnotizing.


Thanks a ton for sharin'!






DHL #2982


by W. Klocke


Edited by Stern Kestrelmann
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<stares stunned speechless>


PLease stop making me burn my brushes.


One question-where did you get the blade for that sword you converted onto her? it makes me verrry happy.


Oh and as far as popping, when the colors are as smooth and sublime as these are, there is no such thing as "too much."


as always, you are the master.

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This wasn't another case of PIPCID was it? :blink:


Sadly, yes. :blush: (That's Paint It Purple & Call It Done. But hey, I'm not the *only* person who does it...)


The blade is from 14115 Nefsokar Tomb Guard sword sprue. Always grab two of anything that looks interesting at ReaperCon, especially weapon sprues. ::D:



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O...M...G She is just beautiful. If you dont mind, I would like to save you pic so I can use it as a reference. My god, she is just beautiful. If I had the money, I would bit for her...but allas the life of a grad student doesnt allow for such frivolous persuts......WOW!

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