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feather help needed


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Ok I am working on a griffon at this time. I would like to dupe the golden eagle wing pattern. So I found the first pic on Google. The since the realife version has more feathers then the sculpted version (pic 2) I was wondering if anyone has done this before and what techneques where used. Actually any help would be appreated!



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Going past the first page of the Google image search results... (I used "golden eagle wing" as search terms).


http://www2.ups.edu/biology/museum/wings_Accipitridae.html go all the way to the bottom of the page & click

- Golden Eagle, female adult, Washington, Jan

- Golden Eagle, same wing from below

(More wing reference photos: http://www2.ups.edu/biology/museum/wingphotos.html ! )

The Animal Photo Archive: http://animals.timduru.org/view/ ... click bird, then eagle, then go past all the bald eagle pix...

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Going past the first page of the Google image search results...


Thanks I will definately be using http://www2.ups.edu/biology/museum/GOEAwing17158.jpg. Its a bit gruesome but I can deal.


But I was hoping that someone has actually did something simular as Elouchard did to find out what painting techniqes where used and any hints they could provide.

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Well, first off I can see you need more highlights in the mid-range area (of the wings). If you look in the reference pictures in the first post, there's a lot more white going on in there.


Also, take the black tips of the flight feathers (the long, end ones) further along. Just hitting the first four or five makes it seem to stop short.


Hmm, something I had never noticed before... the feathers on the wings are sculpted backwards. The bottom edge of the feathers should be on top of each other, not below. :huh: I was going to say to highlight those edges a little since they have a lighter edge in the photo, but you can't. That could be part of the "oddness."

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