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LOS and Cover

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I have to circle the next game day on my calender, cuz there's a whole lotta payback that needs to be dished out! Sounds like a job for the Crypt Legion, although I'll have those Justicars by then...


I'll pencil you into my 'Big Book of Grudges' for a miniature butt kicking too Qwyk...next time in in Massachusetts; or if you ever swing over to Australia for that matter (Don't worry, I rarely make good on such promises, plus how could I let someone travel thousands of miles and lose).

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Give em hell this weekend!!!
::P: Nope he can't do that... club only on the 1st and 3rd sunday :lol: . that gives us till the 19th to insult and tease and have fun with all the trash talk that can start flying about ^_^ .


And beside that if he use the Crypt Legion he will loss the biggest advantage he had over me (I've desided to stop spending over a 1/3 of the points on Kong-to, :wub: clutchlings :wub: have changed my way of thinking), other than the grudge the dice gods have on me :grr: , there will be no traitorous scum to kill :huh:

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